Boaz van de Beatz – Flontie Stacks EP (JEFF056)
  • Genre:Dance Music
  • Release date:20 Jun 2013

Boaz van de Beatz – Flontie Stacks EP (JEFF056)

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I woke up this morning and thought let me check out the new/latest release from Mad Decent Record label. Oh my God listen to what I found. Guys its for FREE DOWNLOAD for the next week or so after that you must buy it.

 Have a listen and leave any comments below.

A while ago Diplo started emailing us all these crazy music videos from the Netherlands, insane rap songs that would span 4-5 genres in about 3 and a half minutes. From juke to pop to trap to hardstyle, they were mind blowing. We later found out that one man was behind most of these tunes, a mad man named Boaz van de Beatz. We knew we had to reach out to him and put together a release for the masses, so get ready. “99 Lights” starts off the EP correctly with a straight up hardstyle track on steroids. The track is complete with an dutch empathogenic build followed by a drop that hits like a blue whale swinging a louisville slugger at your face. It’s a perfect intro to Boaz for a first time listener. After that “Breakoe” is like a beautiful woman taking your hand and running you through the purple forest of Endor. But then suddenly right before your eyes she turns to into a demon slicing you into a thousand pieces and taking your soul for eternity. Which would be a beautiful way to die. And then finally we have “Flontie Stacks” Part 1 and 2 which are warrior chants from the future of a tribe that has never lost a battle. Part 1 is used when entering battle while Part 2 is sung while jumping the the victims bodies in victory. Its no secret that the dutch are always a step ahead when it comes to new sounds but it will take the world a while to catch up to Boaz.


Get to know Boaz van de Beatz:

Boaz de Jong (born December 15, 1988), better known by his stage name Boaz van de Beatz is a Dutch producer and owner of the infamous Nouveau Riche Music label. Already dropping beats from the age of 13, Boaz developed a unique style of producing, not comparable with any other producer out there. His recognizable sound is the basis of the immense success of Dutch acts like Yellow Claw and Mr. Polska and other artists on his Nouveau Riche label. It delivered Boaz the acclaimed titled of ‘Best Producer’ at the 2011 and 1012 edition of the Dutch State Awards. It took not long before his talent was recognized by major players like Afrojack, Diplo and RedOne who are all eager to work with him. In 2013, Boaz continuous to work on his international profile as a producer and a DJ. Expect DJ gigs all around the world and international releases on Diplo’s Mad Decent label and Afrojack’s Wall label as well from Boaz’ own Nouveau Riche label.

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Happy Friday Clubbers Family

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