Bootlegs & Remixes by Phizicist
  • Genre:Mixed Genres
  • Release date:12 Jun 2013

Bootlegs & Remixes by Phizicist

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Local Producer and DJ Phizicist, by local we don’t mean Cape Town I mean South Africa, sorry Cape Town but Phizicist has be claimed by Johannesburg/Pretoria/Gauteng. Any ways he just posted a set of remixes and bootlegs, have a listen and download the bootlegs if you dig them.

“He produces music in his room.
He produces all music.
He procrastinates fucking well.
He’s overly critical of most things. 
He talks about himself in the third person.
He thinks he’s poes cool.
He might have a split personality disorder. 
Or maybe he says all this shit to get attention. 

Shit works for him.”


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