Haezer – Gold Plated Frequencies EP
  • Genre:Electro House
  • Release date:02 Dec 2013

Haezer – Gold Plated Frequencies EP

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It’s been more than a year since HAEZER released his last EP. But a worthy follow up has arrived with his latest offering, ‘Gold Plated Frequencies’ through TASTY Records. After his release ‘The Wrong Kid Died‘ on Dim MAK records in 2012, his status started rising. It’s safe to say that The South African DJ is now one of the top exports of the SA electronic dance scene.

HAEZER started working on Gold Plated Frequencies in September last year, but chose to wait a while before releasing this new EP. The reason for that was for him to spend time sleeping over the songs and not making rushed decisions. “This EP is much more focused on low bass frequencies and has a more bouncy feel than my previous work’, HAEZER explains. ‘The idea behind GPF was to make an EP that’s more calculated and precise regarding the synth choices, the flow of the tracks and I also aimed this release for the club and festival scene.”

This EP is very important to him because it’s the foundation of where he’s going with his sound.

“The tracks are more mature, with less distortion, but yet more energy than my previous work. I spent a good month just recording jam sessions on my Little Phatty and sampled that for the new EP to give it a more analog and nostalgic feel.

My main inspiration was going back to the roots of why I love dance music and specifically alternative dance music. I asked myself, when searching tracks for my set, what would I love to play? And made those tracks.”

HAEZER had an important goal in mind for this EP. “To create something new, something unique that people haven’t heard before, but still keep my signature sound.” The DJ reflected a lot on why he started to make music while doing this EP. “It all came down to my love for bass and I wanted that to be a big part of the EP.”

HAEZER has established himself as a leader in the bass heavy electronic dance music genre which has gained wide spread popularity in clubs around the world.

His recent tour of Europe saw him playing 34 shows across the continent with 9 festivals including Hurricane, Futuresound and Southside. With 3 headlining tours to Australia under his belt and 2 top 30 Electro House Beatport singles and a featured track on EA Games’ ‘Need for Speed’, HAEZER is proving to be an artist worth keeping an eye on.


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