King Rat
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King Rat

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KING RAT [TOMORROW NEVER HAPPENED] One part hugs on drugs, one part Bassik Assault, full time rat ruler.
King Rat started in his bedroom with his roommate’s CDj’s in the winter of 2009, he then met Phizicist, and as would follow, learnt some physics whilst closing his first residency at Tokyo Star Greenside’s Dubstep Thursday. He’s been working on mixing and production ever since. Founder and partner at Tomorrow Never Happened he is a resident dj at all of their events, hosted at Arcade Empire and has also made the line up for the likes of Electricity, Hilltop Live, Science Frikshun, Impossible Object, Griet and Lockdown.
He now forms part of two duo’s, one being Hugs On Drugs with Mc Bland and Phizicist which is a multi bass genre act, and Bassik Assault with Vexille which is a drum and bass production duo having a high focus on the darker rolling side of Dnb. He sometimes mixes in his underwear when he’s alone and he enjoys all variations of the drums and the bass. Contrary to popular belief he was not crowned in a sewer and he does not play with weapons. Listen to his mixes and tunes on soundcloud and if you dig, witness the fitness.
Inspiration for the name came from a book he was once borrowed: “Paced at the rhythm of the Jungle King Rat evokes this dark urban fantasy which proves to be nearly as irresistible as the Pied Piper’s tunes. It is obvious that he shall use Drum & bass and jungle records to play both the melody for rats and for humans sending them into a dream like state where everyone and everything is moving to the music. King Rat, who is half human and half rat is therefore immune to single melodies and has no other intentions but to woo the ear into a state of euphoria with one hundred and seventy five rolling beats per minute.” China Meiville

“One of the most talented young bloods of the industry KING RAT, who is slowly propelling himself in the scene bringing various kinds of Drum & Bass with little bits and bobs, double dropped and served with a slice of STFU.” Twelv & Phizicist.

Genre: Drum & Bass


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