MiNNAAR – Safe & Sound EP
  • Genre:Experimental
  • Release date:25 Jun 2013

MiNNAAR – Safe & Sound EP

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Initially, MiNNAAR was convinced that there won’t be a huge audience for their type of music in South Africa, but they have been pleasantly surprised by the public’s response to the release of Volcano – people from all tastes of music responded to their music positively with open-minded ears.

“SAFE & SOUND is about our own life-experiences, but also more in-depth insights and questions about the really important aspects of our time here on earth – how frail we are as human beings. Fans can look forward to more soaring, emotional melodies, fantastic poetry and epic beats which will make your feet and soul itch.”

MiNNAAR is currently working on a music video for Shadow Of The Earth, set for release later this year.

To download the 5 track EP for free, go to

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