Mix ‘n Blend – Rebel Gun \ Mercy
  • Genre:Dub
  • Release date:30 Jan 2014

Mix ‘n Blend – Rebel Gun \ Mercy

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Today sees the release of two brand new tracks by MIX ‘N BLEND. This latest 2-track release features two incredible vocalists, blues artist Sannie Fox on Rebel Gun, and maloya singer Yaelle Trules from la Reunion on Mercy. Stepping out of their usual comfort zones whilst creating the music, both came up with something unique, special, blending their own styles and sounds with flavours not familiar to them.

First up, Sannie Fox blends her trademark dreamy blues vocals over dark, deep and melodic dub rhythms on Rebel Gun – something unusual for her, but a mixture producing great results.

A pretty, deep, dark, rather dubby track we put together with one of our favourite vocalists, Sannie Fox. Forthcoming on Ngomso.

Yaelle on the flip side of the release, hailing from la Reunion Island, sings her verses in Creole and brings her unique flavour to the collaboration. The song, Mercy, was born in la Reunion on one of Mix ‘n Blend’s previous trips to the Island. Seeing her perform at Sakifo Festival, they knew immediately that they had to make music with her. A classic horn line composed by the bands brass maestros Lee Thomson and Ross McDonald rounds out this hooky affair.

We made this in Reunion Island, with an amazing amazing friend of ours, Yaelle Trules.









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