Mr Green
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Mr Green

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Durban-born DJ and producer Mr. Green is fast becoming one of the sought after Drum ‘n Bass talents in South Africa.

After moving to Johannesburg in his teens, Mr. Green began his music career producing hip hop, DJing and making beats. Although this remains an integral part of Mr. Green’s repertoire he is now known for his drum ‘n bass skills, with his DJ sets gaining recognition for his incorporation of ragga sounds.

Over the past two years, Mr Green has played many clubs, festivals and other events. After honing his skills at the dubstep/drum ‘n bass nights at Tokyo Star in 2011’ Mr Green quickly joined the Science Frikshun crew, and soon moved onto bigger things. He has played Origin in Durban, Itcamefromthejungle at Fiction in Cape Town and DNE in Port Elizabeth, as well as numerous festivals including Twilight and Earthdance, and most recently the Empire Strikes Back tour with Spain’s Dubsidia. Through these and other appearances Mr Green is continuously gaining a strong following throughout the country.


Recently Mr. Green has expanded his focus, and is now the co-owner, with fellow drum ‘n bass DJ Rudeone, and resident DJ of the weekly Wednesday Addictshun nights at the Great Dane in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Addictshun offers a more chilled liquid and deep jungle sound, and has proved to be popular with the Johannesburg partygoing set. This has helped cement Mr. Green’s reputation as an emerging and increasingly respected talent on the drum ‘n bass scene.

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