Rob Sparx – Babylonian EP – 8th July 2013
  • Genre:Dubstep
  • Release date:08 Jul 2013

Rob Sparx – Babylonian EP – 8th July 2013

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Migration (now part of NexGen Recordings) returns to its dubby roots for Rob Sparx’s latest, the Babylonian EP featuring talented Berlin based duo Symbiz Sound, vocalist Singin’Gold and Dubstitutes (Rob & MC Task the team who bought you 2 Faced Rasta). Heavy & Deep flavours are mixed with 8 bit melodic glitches and hints of classical/jazz, funk & soul, liquid & trap. Available on digital early next month from the NexGen Music Store

Early support from Allbury (RinseFM), Bunzero, Niveau Zero, Kissy Sellout, Bukez Finezt, INFRA, Jinx in Dub, Raggs, Digid, Matt the Alien, Tony Anthem (Future Prophecies), Bar9, Trigon, Dirk Trips & the Godfather of Liquid LTJ Bukem!!

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