• Genre:Drum and Bass
  • Release date:30 Sep 2013


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Break’s celebrated label, Symmetry Recordings, hits it’s 15th release this month with a brand new EP from Xtrah. A man who has shaken the foundations of Symmetry before with Cyrax, as well as making an appearance on the Other Side LP last autumn.

This time he unleashes his trademark weighty squelch onto 3 tracks.  Featuring collaborations from Codebreaker on the A. Side and Break and DRS on the B. Side this EP would struggle to get any heavier.  Always New has caused a few squashed front rows at festivals across Europe already this summer and it looks set to be a perfect round off to the summer.  Break rounds off the EP with a  remix of Xtrah’s symmetry debut, Cyrax. Definitely not a track your mum will be soundtracking her morning brew to.


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