Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2013

Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2013


April 17th, 2013


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Strobe lights bounce off the roof canopy, as the orangey sunset sky turns into night as ravers tread cans and other chaos into the ground underfoot to 2ManyDJs.


It’s an atmospheric climax to a weekend that was graced with harsh heat & gusty winds but overall amazing weather. Everything about this three-day electronic festival was mischievous, naughty and fun.

Among the unique and bizarre raving going on there was many chill-out areas and the Adidas chill-zone where you could grab a bean bag chill with friends while sipping on those flavoured slushies, as well as taking your mug shot in the photo booth.

Elsewhere there were enough bars to accommodate people, food stalls for the hungry and a smoking lounge,  the type you would expect to find at festivals.

Despite the high winds on the Friday, the Saturday & Sunday weather was breathtaking & spirits mostly remained high throughout.

SWS_RB_CTEMF_FEB_201320130216_0287 IMG_1158(2)

On the subject of the main stage, the sound rig was crisp and had enough bass to last you a life time, with most of the Dj’s taking full advantage.

Among the musical highlights, Friday’s techno vibe was a welcomed respite. I managed to catch the likes of Jakob Snake vs Richard the 3rd ; Anthea Scholtz who blew me away with her Deep Tech House.

Its safe to say I’m a big fan now, and of course Killer Robot who opened for the main attraction Richie Hawtin.

Now many people couldn’t stop talking about his set, but for me I didn’t enjoy it that much. After the first hour into his set  I got tired of the monotonous baseline, going on and on with no variety in the baseline.

Saturday saw the likes of Ready D ft. Youngsta , who I don’t really enjoy usually, but I have to say that Youngsta’s freestyle stint was out of this world, starting from the left and moving to the right of the crowd making up rhymes with whatever items people took out of there pockets. It was also the first time I saw Crazy White Boy live and man they didn’t disappoint at all.

Shangaan Electro was something else, I have never heard such intense footwork music, ever. I just stood there in awe of the dancers as they danced faster & faster as we got near to our target of ONE ; NINE ; ZERO. which he was referring to the bpm.

Sibot despite the technical gremlins and ghosts in the machine was what everyone was waiting for, the floor filled up very quickly.

Sibot & co-conspirator Toyota Cressida got down to things fast after doing the sound check which got people very excited whenever Sibot tested his Kicks & Snares. The intense bass which he provided definitely caused a few hair-line cracks in the concrete.

©SydelleWillowSmith_CTEMF_Feb16_47 ©SydelleWillowSmith_CTEMF_Feb17_17

Lark was obviously just being “Lark”

Now getting to the end of the lineup for Saturday and my style of music genre, A33 stepped up and delivered a suitable opening Drum&Bass set which was filled with heavy rollers and bass intensive tracks. Niskerone was Niskerone…doing that jump up style of DnB getting myself and others included raving non-stop with his clear cut mixing skills & multi-song mashups. The vibe just didn’t seem to die with him, he kept it up there!

Deep House claimed Sunday (we named it Deep House Day) as our own. Notable performances from Diggin4Dodge ; Terrence Pearce & Black Coffee.
I was surprised to see quite a decent crowd pull in on Sunday and support the Deep House scene.

BDTx2DkCcAAQeIM.jpg large

The brief low lights are the result of those weird urinals, where you had to stare down a guy of your choice trying not to break eye contact (not so much of a bad thing, but it was just plain weird.) Another fault was No Ice Cream Stand.. whats up with that?? Yea those slushies did the job during the heat along side those misty water sprayers but I would’ve liked to eat an ice-cream and jam to some Dj’s while it melts & drips down my hand.

The weekend can be summed up by a quote from a very amused passing festival-goer though, wading through the crowd with empty Heineken cans, “How can this ever be a parking lot again?”

In conclusion, CTEMF is showcasing what really is going on right now in Cape Town and it isn’t what others say it is.

Photos Taken by: Bee Photography & Sydelle Willow Photography

Review Done By: Ben McCabe

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