Diplo on Zafari [CPT]

Diplo on Zafari [CPT]


April 17th, 2013


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Assembly was the place to be on that eventful Friday night, 10th August 2012, and by taking a glance at the flyer and to see who the supporting acts were, you knew that it would be a night filled with electronic goodness!

Diplo was supported by some of the best that South Africa has to offer when it comes to Electronic Dance Music with the likes of White Nite, Sibot and none other than Das Kapital.

The night was fused with multitude if genre, accommodating every person’s taste in the wide spectrum of music genres.

The opening dj for Diplo would be Sibot and this man does not need an introduction at all, the name says it all. Throughout his set, played live with equipment that was unfamiliar to me, Sibot would build and build and build his songs with varied beats and as you got the feeling that it would break with a heavy bass drop, he would kick into a new beat, stringing the crowd along, making them beg for it to drop. When it would eventually kick in, myself and the rest of crowd, could not help but lose our sh*t. Over and over again. I cannot think of a single time during his set that i was not dancing and that’s a feat that most DJ’s/ Producers do not even achieve.

 Diplo rounded out the night with a trunk-bumping flow of everything from dancehall to reggae, dubstep, hip hop and seemingly whatever else came to mind. He hyped-out DJ set, sprinkled with his various remixes and Major Lazer’s tracks could not have been more fitting for a crowd largely willingand able to break it the flip down to anything with a semblance if a pulse, but he totally held ut down well for his own 90 minutes.
Das Kapital opened my ears with a brilliantly executed set, giving rise to a great closing set after Diplo and managed to keep the crowd going with his wide selection of music. Containing Booty- Clapping Trap, UK garage, Moombahton and even throwing in a few of his own tracks and his recent remix of “Rob Zombie’s- Lord of Salem”, which got the crowd head-banging.Overall, with this deranged line-up, it just shows you how much fun a small-scale crossover show like this can be.

Review By: Ben McCabe

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