EDM Fest 2012 ft. Gareth Emery

EDM Fest 2012 ft. Gareth Emery


April 17th, 2013


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Another Sunday night at CTICC has come and gone. The usual mix of trance ravers, music lovers and bottle service connoisseurs danced and mingled for a yet another Sunday night extravaganza. If someone was there for the dj,  it was to see Gareth Emery a trance producer and dj by trade hit the decks.

As the night begun, the energy level was pretty low for a Sunday. The opening DJ played a loungey set, with low-level tracks. Some minimal beats were mixed in, but not really enough to get the entire crowd moving.

Protoculture definitely got involved and started to pull a pretty decent crowd , but by the time Sarah Howells took to the stage , the people were ready to party the night away!
She had immense stage presence and really got involved with the crowd. I felt cheated that she only performed for about half an hour.

I felt that the performance of the night went to W&W for sure, they really got myself and everyone going strong into the early hours of the morning.


With that vibe, Emery took to the stage around 01:00am. I thought of Gareth’s set like a story, building slowly and slowly until hitting a peak in the middle and then riding off that energy to the end. I find this “story telling” lens particular to trance and techno DJs, who, in the essence of their tracks, in my opinion, usually relay some kind of musical story to the audience. I think though, there is a flaw with “story telling” indoors, which I like to call the “club effect.”

I felt that Gareth’s set fell victim to the “club effect” where his “story” wasn’t as continuous and honest as it would have been at a festival or at a venue known for trance. He mixed in a lot of popular tracks of the moment that do not fit within the “trance” framework. What I discussed above isn’t to say that the venue was not packed and his set did not get the crowd dancing and people smiling to wee hours of the night. Gareth Emery is an extremely talented producer and DJ whom I love. Yet I, along with some of my fellow companions felt that he did not play enough trance, which was what we had come to hear.

Rave-o-holics stubbornly refused to give in to the aching pains and the revelry continued into the early hours. EDM Fest has proven itself to be an almighty and conquering dance event, and ticks our boxes for all the right reasons.


Speaking about ticking all the boxes, the organisation of this event was top notch! Enough Bars, Bar staff as well, I could literally pick a barman without having to wait forever for a drink. The gourmet food service outside was by far the best idea they could’ve had, with well priced food or snacks to keep you going!. We all know that Port-a-loos are a sensitive subject, but They did deliver, not only was there enough toilet facilities for party-goers, but they were also clean, and well stocked , which gets you a 10\10 🙂

On behalf of clubbers 4 edm , I just want to say thank you to the organizers NuWave Entertainment  especially Bethany, for a great night and professionalism throughout the buildup to EDM Fest 2012. We look forward to working with you again in the near future
and building a strong working relationship in the EDM world.

Review by Ben McCabe

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