PH.Fat ‘Happiness Machines’ Album Launch at The Assembly

PH.Fat ‘Happiness Machines’ Album Launch at The Assembly

  • Location:Cape Town, South Africa
  • Venue:The Assembly
  • Length:08:00 pm – 04:00 am
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PHFAT ‘Happiness Machines’ Album Launch Party:

Yo! This is our launch Party for our new album called “Happiness Machines” (which is launching for free or pay what you like off of our website phfat.com on July 22nd).

Now, we figured it would be pretty rad to just throw a wonderful little event with a cool lineup and get a lot of people there and have fun together and stuff.
…But we also figured it would be pretty fucking expected. And we hate shit that is expected.

So we had a little chat with Golden Circle Events (previously Hellfire productions) and found out if it would be feasible to put in a top of the range Line array sound system into the Assembly. (The type they use at festival stages)

And (with the help of Jagermeister and a d&b Audiotechnik system sponsorship from Golden Circle) it was.

So we’re putting in a full over-specced super rig and production into the assembly, Mike is grabbing a bunch of fancy gear out of his studio and we plan to bring our best show ever live to the venue that helped launch us.
…and then getting all of our favourite acts to come join us.



Felix Laband:
It’s a pretty flippen big honour to be able to announce that joining us on the night will be Felix Laband. A major influence and true South African electronic music pioneer, Felix is one of our most favourite musicians ever – so if you don’t know who he is then either find out or go somewhere else that night.
(check the rest of the red bull studio ct soundcloud for more from felix’s latest release as well as some other really dope homegrown music!)


Ricky Spanish (aka Dank, aka Dj Caviar) and Datsun Brown (aka Card on Spokes, aka Shane Cooper, aka that award winning jazz muffuka who plays bass better than you) combine just like the power rangers used to so that they can be bigger and stronger and beat more bad guys.

Mr Sakitumi & the Grrrl:

Mr Sakitumi & the Grrrl, apart from being the raddest couple in South African Music, perform a completely live audio visual set like only true masters can.

Button Bashers:

Coming to the main stage for the first time ever at The Assembly is Button Bashers. THE BEAT BATTLE! 4 producers all get given an identical sample and then perform their beats live against one another with the best beat taking the title for the month and winning a dope prize.


Making the cut as one of South Africa’s top 30 dj’s in the official DJ Mag poll , Hyphen has been at the heart of the Drum n Bass uprising in our fine Republic of South Africa, dosing the South African D&B congregation for years. Every strain of venomous beat that tickles his fancy is slotted into the sets that he spins at more parties and festivals than your blackouts would allow you to remember.

VIP Jazz Lounge:

Now, we at PHFat get that a lot of people have been doing the same shit at a lot of events. So we figured, fuckit. You know what would be rad? A fucking Jazz Lounge. Where people can sit around and hear each other talk and sip dranx. So we’re going to be making sure that for those who want to escape the monster sound system that we are putting on the main stage can run into the annex and listen to our extra sultry smooth selection of hot jazz hits that we stole off the internet while they sip on their dranx.


The hard copies of the album will be on sale on the night for R170. It’s a flippen fancy one with a hard cover and a sixteen page booklet designed by Jason Devilliers. If you think that’s too expensive then go download the album for free off of our website or drink less that night.

Also – Our homies at PUMA (who are like, the coolest company in the whole world to work with), made us a dope little range of extra-limited edition happiness machines T-Shirts that will be on sale alongside all of our other merch. They are a full-on PUMA/PHFAT colab printed on legit PUMA shirts and we are super stoked with them.

The event is sponsored by Jagermeister, Puma, and Golden circle and brought to you in collaboration with The Alliance.

Doors open at 8:00pm

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