Kinetic Menace

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Kinetic Menace was born into music with listening to Michael Jackson at a young age with not knowing what he liked in music as he was of a young age, he was open to everything. AC/DC, 2 Unlimited, The Outhere Brothers and loads of old school music. He got to an age where he got into rock and metal and it seemed to have opened up his world. Placebo was his favourite band at the time and he explored more rock type music which he ran into punk and hiphop. He was not such a fan of hiphop but loved the punk rebel style of things. He stayed there for a bit until the digital music pressed itself softly against his ears and started humming sweetness into his ear drums. He then started exploring all factors of digital music where it be house, hard house, techno, chilled house and drum and bass. Drum and bass took him by storm and he decided to try hit the vinyl with it. He learnt mixing music in his beginnings days with CD players at clubs before he got onto vinyl. Yes The Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim where his gate way to another dimension and so was The Prodigy. Good Times!


He then swayed away from all of this and went hard into the metal realm with being in a screamo band, then a death metal band and then a deathcore band. He even tried to start his own metal record label which upset the disillusionment of music that was in this forsaken country. He left that behind and went back to his routes with The Prodigy playing in his ears again.

DATSIK was his first taste of dubstep, then came Excision and so on. He dug deeper and deeper into the scene and electro popped up with Butch Clancy giving him that hunger for it. He is now proud to say that he has experienced all music and influences and genres and have been helped by many producers such as Wonkap, Eighty Nine Geeks, We Bang, Kwaszak, Reklaw and a few others and he has given his guidance to young producers also. He has a different flavour with producing. He has taken a step forward in producing complextro but with what he think complextro should be.


He feels he can bring a difference with his music. 11 July 2011 was his start to producing and he may still have more to learn but one thing he knows is this: Be humble; Don’t rush; Listen and love what you are doing. He enjoys the sounds he manifest in producing and in sound design. He has 
joined the Audio Animals team and is very proud to be apart of them. Complextro is more his type of production but he can produce electro and dubstep. Hoping to do some collaborations in the near future with some amazing artists. Arkasia is someone he really would love to connect with. Shreddie Mercury and Feed Me. Hoping to get into t.v. and film also as he thinks that will take me further with composing in production. Hard work, dedication and lots of time as a full time producer is the key for his success. 

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