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Free Memories EP – SFR & Niskerone

Free Memories EP – SFR & Niskerone


May 15th, 2013


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Drum and Bass for the masses

Today sees the release of South African Drum & Bass stalwarts, NISKERONE and SFR’s first ever collaborative EP, entitled MEMORIES. 

Grabe the full EP here: FREE  DOWNLOAD


The partnership between NISKERONE and SFR dates as far back as 2003, when they first started out together as a crew and did events and performances together. They had different interests within music, and SFR focussed more on studio production whilst NISKERONEfocussed more on DJing and performances in general and over the years, both artists have excelled notably within their respective fields. They have been talking about working together again for a long time and now the time for their collaboration was perfect. They have finally put their individual strengths together to create something special. The outcome: The MEMORIES EP – a throwback to their roots within Bass Music.

Before sitting down, the duo sketched out exactly what they wanted, shared their ideas and went forward from there. SFR brought his technical skill to the studio and combined with NISKERONE’s fresh ideas, they produced a three track EP inspired by their love for Drum & Bass and its Jungle culture.

MEMORIES contains three tracks and fans can expect an appealing collection suited to the rave, the drive and chill out time. They decided to release the EP as free download for their fans rather than have it sit on their hard drives for another year.

“It has us written all over it, have a listen and tell us if you notice.”

To the future and beyond!

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