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GinaJeanz – INITIUM (EP)

GinaJeanz – INITIUM (EP)


February 27th, 2014


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Gina was born and raised in Namibia,  lived there her whole life and moved to Cape Town in 2010 to study Graphic Design. She never studied music, it was something that just grew on her and wouldn’t let go until she did something about it. She was thinking of studying music, but at the time she was still in high school and it wasn’t seen as a career, this didn’t change her mind though.

Today we saw release GinaJeanz, “INITIUM” EP. Have a listen. (Personal favourite is Crown (feat. Ameen)

 Gina is inspired by MJ, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Flying Lotus, Ameen, Timbaland and a whole lot of producers who truly take the time to craft and experiment with their music. She grew up on R&B but she never been afraid to branch out and listen to other genres, that is why she tends to play around with different sounds in her music. She likes to keep things interesting, she treats her beat like a canvas, it’s about being open minded because you just never know how unusual experiments turn out.

Besides music, Gina has a great passion for graphic design, abstract art, photography and film. When she not working on music she is working on something creative. She’s also a professional model and a contemporary dancer. She is driven by art, “I see it all around me, it’s my energy and what I thrive on.”

You can download this whole EP (CLICK HERE). Just so you know its FREE


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