Grietfest 2012 [CPT]

Grietfest 2012 [CPT]


April 17th, 2013


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Now having re-grown many brain cells and re-found many memories I invite you to read on and get a little bit excited for what took place on Friday, the 14th of September 2012…

The Assembly had already gathered a considerable crowd by the time I made it into the building. Thankfully it remained comfortable throughout the evening. In my opinion, Assembly stands out from many of the other nightclubs with its band-sized stage that puts the artist at the absolute center of attention, and was perfect for our performing artists.

I arrived about midway through Quentin Gauthier’s aka (Q.G) set and was immediately taken aback by his unique sound. His selections ranged from new releases and of course his own productions such as “Burn” & “Razor” and various remixes, which served as an acceptable warmup for the crowd.

Trumpdisco, a name that echoes dirty beats, heaving bass and all kinds of debauchery. His set boasted an eclectic mixture with a diabolic history of huge remixes along with their own productions , and surprisingly enough some trap, which was welcomed with open arms by an already buzzing crowd of heavy bass heads who were ready to destroy the dancefloor by the looks of things.

Next up was none other than Haezer , who made his return to Cape Town after an extensive tour of Europe. We were surely in for a treat by the birthday boy himself.

Haezer didn’t waste anytime and took to the stage with full force, commanding the crowd with his track selection, swiftly moving between new releases and old favorites. I’ve always been a fan of Haezer but his performance on the night reminded me exactly why I became a fan.

TC came out with a bang , blasting out some classics which got the crowd firing on all cylinders. Although he didnt play any new releases or his smash hit “Tap Ho” , I for one was just appreciating the Drum&Bass master gracing my ears with a drum and bass double droptastic set!

Although I missed out Audiophile 021‘s opening set , he took over from TC to do the closing set and treated the remainder of the crowd to bass heavy tracks which got the front row jumping and grooving to the basslines of their favourite electronic tracks. Even though it was only the 2nd time Ive seen him live , I’ll be sure to attend more of his gigs in the near future.

Perhaps, not the most monumental night to go down in the history books, but an enjoyable night for all those who participated and supported the artists playing on the night.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the Griet Team, especially to Rachelle Crous, for giving us the opportunity to be part of this amazing event.

Review by Ben McCabe

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