Interview with Bart B More (NE)

Interview with Bart B More (NE)


August 26th, 2013


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Hailing from the Netherlands, Bart van der Meer – known as Bart B More – has been a constant factor in the international electronic dance music scene for many years. His love for DJing and producing has taken him to every continent on the planet, leaving his audience with something to remember – or not to remember.

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We had the privilege to get Bart B More for an interview ahead of his Grietfest show.
We talk about Social Media ; Grietfest ; His New Alias “Horsepower” & More…

1.I suppose that you are on tour actually or maybe in studio at this moment. Where are you reading this interview?

” I’m reading this in my studio. I just got back from America for a weekend of gigs. “

2.When did you first begin exploring dance music, and who were the main influences for you at the time?

” I got into dance music around ’98/’99. Everything I liked at that time mainly seemed to come out of France. Daft Punk would be the biggest example, but I loved all the disco sampled loopy house and techno. Later I got heavily influenced by Chicago house and techno. “

3.Do you remember your first gig?

” I sure do. I was dj’ing with vinyl as there were no cd-players at the time and I almost couldn’t get the needle on the record, that’s how nervous I was. It was in Castricum, a small town in Holland where I was born. “

4.If you could choose to work on a track with any artist or vocalist, who would be top of the list and why?

” I would love to be in the studio with Stuart Price. He’s done so much great music ranging from pop to club music. I would love to see how he works and where he draws inspiration from. “

5.What can we expect to hear from Bart B More at Grietfest 2013? Anything special you can share with us?

” A fun set of energetic electro, house & techno music I always give my best to raise the energy levels in a never pre-programmed on the fly dj set. Expect to hear a lot of my own productions also, (brand) new and old. “

6.Apart from playing with the likes of TAI,Etnik & The Upbeats at Grietfest this year, any specific South African artists you’re going to give a listen to?

” To be honest, I’m not that familiar with the South African scene. I know Dj Mujava who had that really big track ‘Township Funk’ that I really liked. And I just did a remix for Skip & Die who’s lead singer (Cata Pirata) is from South Africa. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to walk around the festival and hear some more South African dj’s. “

7.Up to this moment what has been the highlight of your career?

” Being able to have played my music in every continent on this planet. “

8.You’ve just released the Napoleon Saga EP on OWSLA , Whatís in the pipeline for the rest of the year? Maybe an album focused with collaborations only? Or?

“There’s another EP coming on OWSLA this year and a track on Boysnoize Records. Beside that I have a lot of collaborations lined up with people like Harvard Bass,  TAI  and Riptide. With Riptide and Tommie Sunshine, I also started a side project named ‘Horsepower’.”

9.Are you a follower of Social media, do you think its massively important now?

“I think social media is a great thing, as it really gives a strong image of people’s intellect and uncensored opinions. Besides that, it’s great to communicate with people who share the same passion for music and great to get your music to a bigger audience.”
10.Everyone’s got a hidden talent. What’s yours? 
“I like to think that I can cook.”

11. We’re reaching the end of this interview, would you like to say something to your fans who are reading this one and who have supported you during all these years?

“Thank you for the massive support and love you’ve shown me over the years! I hope you’ll keep enjoying my music for a long time and I hope to see you somewhere in the world soon!”


Interview By: Ben McCabe | @callmeben0

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