Interview with Dancyn Drone (SWE)

Interview with Dancyn Drone (SWE)


April 11th, 2014


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Recently we interviewed DJ/ Producer Dancyn Drone who is based in Stockholm, Sweden.  Whilst here in South Africa he has been playing at events and obviously sight seeing.



1.For all the readers out there who may not be familiar with you, tell us a bit about yourself and how Dancyn Drone came into existence.
Im from Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden. I was born in to a family where all members play at least one instrument. I started playing drums when I was about six and at the age of ten I started with guitar and bass guitar. Since then I’ve been playing and singing in all sorts of bands like reggae, punk, rock metal, jazz, funk etc. During my years in musical college I started with digital producing as well. Dance music has always been a passion and the DJ:ing came natural since I always wanted to show off my new favourite tracks.
I’ve been producing a lot of Electronic Dance Music over the years but the Idea with Dancyn Drone came to life about three years ago.  Not long after the the electro, and progressive house genre exploded with top charting tracks from Swedish House Mafia, Nicky Romero and bunch of brilliant producers around the world. So my timing was perfect but it also means the market is getting flooded. There are so many brilliant songs out there that can’t reach out cause of the sheer amount of tracks released every day.
2.Im going to put you on the spot, now! Can you name three tracks that you feel will most represent the overall sound that represents you.
Well first of all of course ‘Come To Me’ is very special to me since its released on my own label Twerkout Music and reached #16 on the Beatport Electro House Chart last week. ‘Blacktop Blossom’ and ‘Wait For It’ I also think represent my sound quite good with big room progressive sounds leading to an electro drop with a little twist and they all have an analog feel to them.
3.What do you think you would be doing right now, if you never got into DJ:ing\Producing 
Well before I started doing this full time I actually got an Bachelors degree in Psychology and worked a few years with HR management but right now its feels like not working with music is not an option so I would probably do studio jobs and play bass guitar with some bands. 
4. Since you’ve been in South Africa , what is your view on the dance music scene here.
The scene here reminds me a lot of the Swedish scene. Its still very immature and many clubs really don’t care who’s DJ:ing as long as it’s cheap. The market is flooded with young DJ:s that don’t mind DJ:ing 8 hours straight for a R50 bar tab and a sandwich. It doesn’t have to be a Tomorrowland sized event every time you book a skilled DJ. An underground club night can be just as good. South Africa as well as Sweden has a lot to learn from the club scene in central Europe and USA.
5. Any South African artists that have caught your attention?
Well Im met so many talented DJ/ Producers in this country, both famous and underground. I already have released three remixes on Twerkout Music from three excellent producers: Mark Stent, DekStir and DJ Dizzy and initiated many co-labs and will in a near future sign some original South African tracks as well.
6. You’ve played a few gigs in Cape Town, do you feel that each crowd is different at each gig you play.
Oh yes definitely. Every crowd is different and it’s the most important job for a DJ to be able to read your crowd, not just playing hit after hit.
7. You’re making some appearances on local radio shows here, will you be showcasing what Dancyn Drone has to offer?
Yes I always mix in a lot of my own tracks, remixes and mashups to make my set unique and of course to promote my music.
8. What can people expect from you this Saturday at the Lift Off event at Dragon Room?
If you take a look at the line up it’s safe to say the dance floors are in good hands. I will definitely show off some big room, electro and a lot of my own stuff and mix it up with both fresh beats and some classics.
9.Everyone’s got a hidden talent. What’s yours?
I do have a name for learning meaningless stuff. I can drum with my fingers on my cheeks making it sound like a xylophone and imitate almost any melody. Very useful, yes I know 🙂
10. Anything else you would like to say to your fans reading this?
Yes a big hug to all of you club heads and DJs out there keeping this industry alive! One love!
11.Thank you very much for giving us some of your precious time, it was a great pleasure as always and we wish you the very best in your career.
The pleasure is all mine. I hope to see you all at Dragon Room on Saturday!
Thank you, and keep it up!!
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