Interview with Kid Robot

Interview with Kid Robot


November 22nd, 2013


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So we are bringing you another interview with some more local artists doing their thing in South Africa.

We speak to Kid Robot ahead of his gig at this years last Park Acoustics along with many other South African artists.

In this interview we find out how Kid Robot came about, Music Influences, Production and the Alphabet song.


1.For all the readers out there who may not be familiar with you, tell us a bit about Kid Robot & how this all started.

As Kid Robot, I started off playing music with an experimental glitch-hop sound that progressed with myself, now playing all types of fun bass music. My sound is constantly changing and I’m always trying new things Throughout my sets I try and play as many different genres of music to give people a constant changing experience and diverse sounds.

2.Influences, we all have someone or something that influences us to do something or achieve something. Who or what would you say is your biggest influence? What roll does your influence play?

My biggest influence is my Crazy friends such Hawkword,King Rat,Dr K, Vexille,Twelv ( Sorry if i missed any one out) they push the boundries when it comes to music and inspire me every day with new sounds…. International my influences have been falcon, Flume, GTA, Koan Sound and so many others

3.When did producing and DJ’ing all start for you? Which came first DJ’ing or producing?

Well it started as song writing with my band back in the day and lead into DJ’ing when I was looking for new influences for writing new music. I got so inspired that I wanted other people to hear the crazy shit out there.

4.How much time do you put in to writing a song?

It all depends on inspiration and time. Lately no time to breath even lately, but ya it can be a day or months until i finish a song

5.Is music production and DJ’ing your full time job or have you got a 9-5 job? What may that be.

I was one of the unlucky ones even though I studied music I had to take a full time job. Im currently a manager at Stones Hatfield and work for TNH

6.Just a little heads up for those going to Park Acoustics, what can they expect from you? You have any tricks you go stored for them?

Im soooooooooo excited for Park Acoustics I hope people get there early im playing at 11am. im going to play some really chilled feel good hip hop instrumental mixed with some future bass stuff

Kid robot

7.Can you remember your first gig? Where and when was it? What was the experience like? Have you gone back and played at that venue you again?

Well I can’t really start from the beginning so I’ll start from where it actually got kinda serious. It started when I met this guy in SA and he told me to come work for him as a bartender in Ibiza. So I thought ‘Cool Lets do this’. I bought a one way ticket to Ibiza thinking that I’m sorted.

Eventually after three days of traveling I get there and the the guy says to me that he will only be opening up in two months. I was kinda screwed. I traveled around trying to looking for barmen work and then, at a recruitment day standing in que with at least 60 people getting interviewed, this lady comes out and says does anyone know how to DJ.

Funny enough no one stepped forward so I stuck my hand out and said ‘I’ve dibble dabbeled a bit in DJing’ and they said ‘Cool, the job is yours’. Lucky enough I got to play at clubs like Hush, Viva and Dub.

8.Which is your most memorable gig? And mostly why?

The best gig by far was Synergy, getting to play alongside one of my best mates, Phizicist.The Crowed and vibe was fucking mental..

9.We are getting closer to the end of this interview. Do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star song. What do you notice about these two songs?

These are songs I sing to my little one

10.How do you think we could better the Electronic Dance Music scene in South Africa?

I love how people are being more open minded to original music and how they being supportive of the scene but we can do more. We are very lucky that we have people like Johan,Henk,Niel,Dirk,Ruan,Sean and few others who push the scene.

They’re always showcasing new music and making sure their event production is top notch, making each event a truly unique experience.But for the scene to grow we ned to support each other. At the end we all want the same thing……PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!

11.What role does the internet and social media play in your day to day life?

FREE PORN!!!!!!!!! im playing

12.Anything else you’d like to say? Shout outs?

I would like to thank Hen Van Der Schyf,Niel Groenewald Sean Nel, Zain Ebrahim,Johan Auriacombe,Dirk Bloem and Robert Rumney. You guys rock


Thanks Kid Robot for your time, good luck for your gig and for the future.

Interview by: Elvis Javu | @Number1Native

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