Interview with Phizicist.

Interview with Phizicist.


October 28th, 2013


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We caught up with Zain Ebrahim aka ‘Phizicist’ ahead of the Griet Halloween 2013 party this weekend at Arcade Empire

In this interview Zain gives us his whole life story, we speak about Do Work Records & Lovecraft novels. Check it out.


1.For all the readers out there who may not be familiar with you, tell us a bit about yourself and how Phizicist came into existence.

“Hi, I’m Phizicist, friends call me Zain. I was born in Hillbrow, I DJ and I make music. I’m also a failing Journalism student. Phizicist came into existence in about 2003 when I was 13. I started out trying to do rap music, had to make my own beats sampling CD’s and recording them on tape then rapping over them. At the time, no one could or was going to make beats for you to rap on so you had to do it yourself.

Fast forward, because things can be a drag, I became caught up in making the music instead of rapping and never looked back. At 18 I was asked to do a remix for 340ml and I had signed my first album “Silence Never Spoke” to an indie American label “Godsendant Music”. It never sold a single unit.

In 2010, myself, Chris Crossman and Grant Guthrie started throwing parties at Stone Lion Café as Dubstep SA and Chris and I DJ’ed alongside each other as Crossman & Phizicist – that’s when shit hit the fan and things took off. Sadly, Chris and I parted ways as he wanted to focus on studying and real life and I wanted to go pick up older women at our local bar so now, it’s just me as Phizicist. I also have another project with my mate Jwan and we call ourselves Hawkword. As Hawkword we seem to be doing extremely well and the amount of success we’ve achieved in such a short space is quite a surprise to us.

Sorry for the long explanation. I also wanted to be an actual Physicist at a stage in my life.”

2.What piece of equipment could you not live without (not necessarily DJ equipment)?

“A toothbrush”

3.what do you think you would be doing right now, if you never got into Djing\Producing 

“Either genetics, journalism or being a wasteman”

4.Im going to put you on the spot, now! Can you name three tracks that you feel will most represent the overall sound of Phizicist.

“As in my tracks?

Phizicist – Fucking Kyle VIP

Twelv & Thesis – The System (Phizicist Remix)

Phizicist x FRQNT – Eating Some Sammiches

 Other folks tracks

Breakage – Telepathy

Koan Sound & Asa – Tetsuo’s Redemption

Reso – Technetium”

5.If you could choose to work on a track with any artist or vocalist, who would be top of the list and why?

“Amon Tobin. To see EXACTLY what he does when he makes music and how he does it. Plus I’ll cream myself like 40 year old tannie at a Justin Bieber concert if I had to work with Amon Tobin.”

6.What can we expect to see or hear from you at Halloween at Arcade Empire? Costume wise and music wise.

“Dressing like most ladies this Halloween. I’m going hard in the paint, wet in the pants and soft in the knees music wise, so a little bit of everything.”

7.We’re already finished with the year, what do you have planned for the rest of 2013, anything special?

“I have two tunes being released on Das Kapitals and Tim Medcrafts label “DO WORK”. One tune is with my cousin FRQNT and another tune with a whiz kid known as Glitrixx. Also, myself and Jwan (as Hawkword) are jamming at Rezonance and I’m jamming by myself at Arcade Empire on New Years Eve. Other than that, I’d like to stay at home, drink beer and wine, make tunes, read Lovecraft novels and pick up weight.”

8.When you visit our website (, What are your first impressions?

“Very well put together. It’s quite formal and informal at the same time. Except the background. Not a fan of it to be honest :).Other than that it’s super slick, looks mad professional.”
9.Everyone’s got a hidden talent. What’s yours? 

“I can cook anything. ANYTHING.”

10.Thank you very much for giving us some of your precious time, it was a great pleasure as always and we wish you the very best in your career.

“Why thank you!”


Interview by: Ben McCabe | @callmeben0

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