Interview with The Reef

Interview with The Reef


October 30th, 2013


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We have been doing  a lot of interviews lately and thought it is time we catch up with an international Producer/DJ. So I, Elvis, decided that we are going to interview Swedish House Producer, The Reef. We spoke about his music career and his phone and some of his favourite tracks. So have a read below peeps.

I have tried doing research on The Reef, but I could not find anything about you. I’ve looked at your Facebook page/Twitter and website and there is no Bio – please introduce yourself to myself & our readers.

Thank you Elvis, glad that you are supporting and I appreciate very much.

I’m The Reef, 24, and I produce house music with some happy sounds. I live in Sweden and I released my debut on Mad Decent called Ignant EP.

1. When did dj’ing all begin for you? When did you first begin exploring dance music?

To be honest I was never that much into dance music at all. I was a big hip hop head when I grew up. The real reason I started producing was actually sometime after I heard “we speak no americano” for the 1000th time on the radio. I thought “man this shit is easy, I can make that”, but I couldn’t. The song sounds simple but what most people and I didn’t realise is that it’s a lot of technical stuff that goes down. So I learned all of that EQ, compressor etc and practised for a year making cheesy songs. Then when I finally felt that my tracks sounded technically okay, I tried developing my own sound and then I started uploading songs under the name The Reef. All that took about a year.

2. Have you ever made a major mistake during a gig? What happened? Did you manage to hide it & save the set?

I haven’t really had any major gigs. I’ve been too busy with school so I had to turn down offers. I’ll be real with you, I suck as a DJ. I need to step my game up. Someone needs to get me some real money so I’ll work on it ahahah.

3. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

My sound was mostly inspired by the Wu-tang 36 chambers album and early Mobb Deep. I listened to that when I was like 8 and ever since I’ve loved that dark and gritty sound. I have also been very inspired by Swizz Beatz because he’s been making them bangers since way back and that style he has with the variations and stuff is what I tried incorporating into my sound. Also Afrojack and Sidney Samson because they showed me that house music doesn’t have to be cheesy happy melodies to be successful. Weird inspiration is also the game Dead Space, the soundscapes are crazy in that one. I love that cinematic stuff. I liked adding that to my tracks. So some of my tracks aren’t really dance friendly but they’re not meant to be either. I make what I want.


4. Up to this moment, what has been the highlight of your career?

Remixing for Major Lazer. Hands down. Big honor. Big ups to Diplo.

5. What was your initial goal when you started producing?

To have around 500 legit followers on soundcloud that would be following me for real and to have at least one of my songs reach a 1000 listens. I have succeeded haha

6. If you hadn’t become a musician, what would you like to be doing and why?

I’m not living as a musician. Music ain’t paying me shit. That’s why I only do music when I have time and want to. If someone shows me them dineros then I will produce my ass off though hahaha. I’m studying at the university. Trying to become an engineer. Music is just for fun. I’m not trying to be in the clubs for the rest of my life.

7. Do you have any advice for composers and dj’s who are just starting out?

Yes, learn everything. It’s worth it because when you know how things work and master all of the methods, then it’s easier to play around and get some sick tracks done. Also go to the Laidback Luke forum and read that massive producer tip thread. I did, and I learned everything I know from there. Took me a shit load of time to do it, but it was worth it. Youtube got a lot of good stuff but also a tons of garbage, so be careful. Invest in some monitors or headphones that doesn’t lie. They have to be flat, so don’t go buy some Beats by dre just because ”there’s much bass”. Also don’t rush it, and don’t spam. Don’t try to jack someone else’s sound, because you will always the wack version of it. And most of all DON’T BE A FOLLOW AND UNFOLLOW BITCH either ahahah.

8. Name your top 5 tracks to listen to in the morning before you start your day

My alarm clock. I don’t listen to music in the morning because I’m always late. But during the day, my top 5 tracks would probably be from Solar Fields. At least when I’m studying. Also Janelle Monae is really good. Love that ”The Electric Lady” album, sick.

9. Have you ever thought, ‘This is what my life was made for’?

Hahah nope. Music is fun, but as soon as it’s not fun anymore, I’ll quit.

10. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see play the lead role as you?

I would have to find the douchiest dude on earth do it, someone crazy. Not because I’m like that, but it would be a hilarious movie. It’s all for the entertainment. It should be provocative.


11. What piece of equipment could you not live without (not necessarily DJ equipment)?

My phone, I do everything on it except texting and calling. Best PHONE ever.

12. When you visit our website (, what are your first impressions?

Horny…naw just kidding, I noticed the slideshow/banner first. Looks good.

13. Would you ever consider coming to South Africa to dive with the sharks?

No, sharks are terrifying but I do support shark tourism. It’s great that they have it. I love sharks but they scare the shit out of me. I have like this weird horror fascination to them. . I’m definitely traveling to South Africa someday. Oh yeah, fuck shark finning and who ever likes it.

14. The internet seems to have a cat obsession lately; do you have a favorite cat video?

Funny stuff, I just looked at those cats without fur on youtube. I was laughing my ass off. So damn ugly but great. Way better than other cats. I’m definitely getting one of those someday just so it can entertain me by its looks. Also a camel because they don’t give a damn. Search camel vs box on youtube and your life will be richer. Also I have a song called The Camel coming out soon on Crooker’s label Ciao Recs. I should make a track called ”Cats Without Fur” too. Crabs are funny as fuck too, I like how they side step. Smooth animals.

Thanks for the interview Elvis.



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