Interview with Tube & Berger (Ger)

Interview with Tube & Berger (Ger)


November 7th, 2013


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I had the privilege of interviewing Tube & Berger, aka Arndt Roerig and Marko Vidovic ahead of their South African Tour , playing at the 4u Rage Festival.

In this interview we speak about their Music Influences , Berger’s Mathematics skills, South Africa & Lord of the Rings?


1. I suppose that you are on tour actually or maybe in studio at this moment. Where are you reading this interview?

“At the moment we’re on the way from Dubai to Munich and we’re both pretty tired after a great night. It’s a 6 hours flight so beside watching movies and falling asleep for a few seconds we thought ourselves we could answer your questions.”

2.What kind of music did you listen to as kids? Does it/can you see its influence in your music today, and who were the main influences for you at the time?

“Absolutely! We both grew up in the 80’s so this is probably the sound that shaped us the most.  Later in the early 90ies we were into Punk Rock and played in bands and in the late 90ies we got hit by a huge Rave wave J

After reflecting who influenced us most we came to the conclusion that it was: The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, The KLF, Westbam and Daft Punk…”

3.What are your first impressions of our website (

 “These guys have a cool studio where we should hang out.”


 4.Do you have a show in particular that strikes you more than others for any reason?

“Berger, who is good in mathematics, found out that we played more than 1000 shows as Tube & Berger but it’s very hard to pick a winner.

It’s all about the crowd and the vibe you share. Sometimes something magical happens and we are just a small part of it. It’s a spiritual thing…”

5.What can fans expect to hear from Tube & Berger at Rage Festival? Anything special you can share with us?

“We’ll play a kind of hybrid Live / Dj set and most of the tracks we play are special edits, tracks from our label buddies at Kittball and some of our new and unreleased remixes. But most important: we’ll bring the love!”

6.Apart from playing with the likes of Madeon, Stimming & Danny Avila, any specific South African artists you’re going to give a listen to?

“Absolutely! We don’t have anyone specific in mind but we will definitely check out the South African vibe. We heard you guys have a strong and dynamic scene down there and we can’t wait to  give it a listen.”

7.Up to this moment what has been the highlight of your career?

” Probably our second number one on Beatport. But the true highlight for us was making our first album. It wasn’t very successful btw 😉 “

8. What are you looking forward to most on your trip to South Africa?

“The people! But also the weather, the landscape, the parties, the beach, the hangovers, the romances… and so much more!”

9.Are you a follower of Social media, do you think its massively important now?

“Every manager, promoter or dance music involved person will tell you that it’s so important. It’s a great tool to reach your fans but people often prefer funny pictures instead new songs and remixes…”

10.Everyone’s got a hidden talent. What’s yours?

” We both have the power of the Hobbits from Lord of the rings. (And their haircuts)”

11. We’re reaching the end of this interview, would you like to say something to your fans who are reading this one and who have supported you during all these years?

“Love is stronger than fear… Peace!”


Interview by: Ben McCabe | @callmeben0

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