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Hey Avrah, I’m Elvis Javu. I am one of four co-founders of Clubbers 4 EDM.


It has been super awesome having you as our feature DJ this week. Must say we were impressed with you mixing skills and track selections. I think that’s what made us decide that we want you as our feature DJ or maybe it was the fact that you are a new fresh DJ in the EDM scene. Whatever the reason may be we are glad and honoured to have you featured.


Avrah: Hi Elvis! Thank you so much for the kind words. As someone who has just started it means a lot!


Just for those who don’t know of Avrah please introduce yourself.

Avrah: Well, my name is Lauren. I’m a 24yr old music junkie from Cape Town, and a total EDM addict!


Avrah, I struggle to pronounce or say that name haha. A every interesting name I think but how did you come about choosing that name as your alias name?


Avrah: Haha, understandable! I pronounce it Av-ra, with a short ‘a’ sound at the end. Bit of a long story really.  I came across the word in a book, as part of the phrase Avrah Kadabra, which literally means ‘I create as I speak’. It falls into my belief that we completely create and manifest our reality through our thoughts, words and attitude. If someone is feeling good, they create beautiful things. I am always happiest when listening to music, and so the cycle begins! I shortened the phrase to Avrah, assuming that it means ‘I create’. I admit though, I don’t know this for definite!


I did some background research on you (Nothing creepy haha),

I mean you studied at AAA School of Advertising and did some Photography and Graphic Design jobs. What made you decide to become a DJ?

Avrah: The common thing I’ve found is that they are all different forms of creativity. When I hear music I see it in pictures and forms, so it’s not so much of a jump as one might think. I’ve always been that person at the front center of the dance-floor, as my friends will tell you! But as I grew older I started realising that it wasn’t so much the aspect of partying that kept me there till 4am, it was the music. I would listen to the radio and imagine how I’d mix the songs, what I’d put together etc. Eventually I had to face the music (excuse the pun) and admit to myself that I had had the desire to try DJ’ing for a long time. And the only person who was going to make that happen, was me.

 Influences, we all have someone or something that influence us to do something or achieve. Who or what would you say is your big influence? What roll does your influence play?

Avrah: I’ve always been a very goal-driven person. I’ve had the complete support of my family, which is huge. My father is an inspiration to me in that he has always taken risks to do what he loves, and he now owns his own aviation company.

The other influence I would say is from the books I’ve read about life. I’m a bit of a nerd in that sense! It really hit me that I have and incredible amount of power with which to create my destiny, and it’s up to me to do it!

Where was your first gig? How was that experience? I suppose you were somewhat nervous right?

Avrah: My first gig was at Fiction, for Equinox Wednesday. Pretty daunting for a fist gig! I was petrified, but I was lucky enough to be playing alongside a friend, so I had the comfort of him being there if anything went wrong. I think I can say that I really had the best hour of my life during that gig! To see your friends and other people having a good time to the music you’re playing is just priceless.

Are you going to focus only on mixing and playing at gigs or can we expect an original track from you? (Your own production.)

Avrah: Definitely want to get into production!! Unfortunately I have a full time day job, so my time is limited when it comes to studying. For now I’m focusing on mixing and gigs which will help me develop an ear for what I really like.Avrah

Your four mixes up on soundcloud are different genres, Psy-trance, Electronic- House, Techno Psychedelic and Minimal Trance. Have you not got a preferred genre you want to play or do you want to play all genres of EDM

Avrah: As you can see, I’ve been through a bit of a journey to find what I like! I would say my latest mix – the Electronic-House one – is my favorite and the genre I like to play. That’s not to say you won’t find me spinning some Psy-Trance and Techno-Psychedelic tunes from time to time!

If your fans and us want to jam to your sets where can we catch you? Gig guide.

Avrah: My next gig is 31st October at Fiction for another Equinox Wednesday. It’s the opening set from 10pm-12am, so I’ll be playing some Techno-Psychedelic tunes to get everyone warmed up and ready to lose their minds! Other than that you can just keep an eye on my facebook and twitter where I will update all my shows.

Earlier this year you went to Tomorrowland 2012, was this for more inspiration or purely for the massive jol?

Avrah: All of the above and more! It was incredibly inspirational and literally the biggest jol of my life. It was really interesting to see the international impact of EDM, as fans had been drawn from all over the globe. Many popular European EDM dj’s aren’t very well known here, so it was a massive eye-opener to what is out there.

How does a person get hold of you, Facebook, twitter?




Manager – Cameron Fraser: 074 171 9919


Well thanks for the interview and I am looking forward to jamming hard to your sets.

 No Elvis…. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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