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Hi Bassick, I am Elvis. I am part of Clubbers 4 EDM. This week we have chosen you as our featured DJ. First heard of you and your beats on Zone Radio. Must say dude really like your style. Big ups.


Just for those who (myself included) don’t know of Bassick please introduce yourself.

My name Mikey Bechus, I am 21 years old, and am an electronic music producer/DJ from Cape Town. I have been producing for just over a year now. I have never studied music before, I picked it up through online tutorials and help from a few friends in the game, and of course, hours upon hours of practise.

Bassick , how did you come about choosing that name as your alias name?

Funny enough, the name actually found me. I had been racking my brain for months trying to come up with the most unique name possible, and after many failed attempts, my mate said to me, “Just go with something basic.” A slight play on spelling, and Bassick was born.

Influences, we all have someone or something that influence us to do something or achieve. Who or what would you say is your big influence? What role does your influence play?

Music has always been a huge passion of mine, Dubstep and Drum
& Bass in particular, so naturally a lot of my influences came from the producers in that field. However my greatest influence is actually Deadmau5. To me he’s the ultimate role model as a producer. He’s a perfectionist, and I like to think of myself as one too.

Where was your first gig? How was that experience? I suppose you were somewhat nervous right?

My first set was a year ago, filling in for a friend at Crew in Greenpoint. I had never DJ’d before, nor had I ever been into a Gay Bar, so it was definitely a new experience! One thing I can say though, I’m very grateful for Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. Their music kept the guys partying ‘til the last song! From there I was eager to improve my skills as a DJ.

What’s your favourite experience so far?

My stand-out experience as a DJ was my first Dubstep set at (what used to be named) Dakota. The response from the crowd was unreal, and
I was definitely hooked after that night! From a production point of view, I can safely say that it’s all been a great experience, production has been my main focus this year.


Do you have any big plans for the near future like albums or big gigs?

Yes, I have my debut EP coming out on the 28th of Dec’ through “On a Break Records”. I’m always making new beats, so there’s still lots more to expect. I’m also working with a local celebrity (whose name I can’t mention just yet) early next year, as well as a rap album with up-and- coming rapper, Jodi-Cash. You should definitely watch this space. As for DJ gigs, I have plans in motion.

Do you have any advice for young DJ’s?

Well, I’m still young and have a lot to learn myself. But from my experiences so far, I’d say take the time to learn the basics properly. I find that a lot of guys rush the process just to get to the end product quicker, and as result are left with many flaws in their technique/skills. I do also think that even though the “sync” button has come along to make all our lives easier, no DJ should be allowed to progress until he can beat-match by ear. That’s nothing but beneficial in the long run!

How does someone get a hold of you, Facebook, twitter?

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter: @bassickofficial (Twitter)

And of course Soundcloud:

Well thanks for the interview and I am looking forward to jamming hard to your sets.

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