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Was an honour to have you as our feature DJ/Producer and thanks for giving us the CV about yourself. Made our life slightly easier lol. Some of these questions you’ll see are the standard questions asked by everyone .


Just for those who don’t know of Jigsaw please introduce yourselves please.

Yo guys.. 😀 wassuuuuuuuup! I’m that 19 year old Producer / Dj Kid from Cape Town doing what I Love most.. I was that dude that people tried to make jokes about because i spent so much time Dj-ing and Producer instead of doing what any normal teenager would but the dedication and hard work is what will reap reward..

Jigsaw, how did you come about choosing that name as your alias name? (Please do not tell us it came from the movie SAW.)

HaHa I get asked this quite a lot… I used to use the Alias Dj B-Boi, but outgrew that… I loved to play mind tricks or little games in my sets.. I find it more fun to take a crowd on a Journey through my set instead of just Tune Dropping… I am also known for some of my heavier Dubstep mixes so i found the name quite fitting.. So yes it kind of came from movie but also with my own little twist…

When’d you decide that you wanted to become a DJ? How long have to you been DJ’ing?

 11 Years ago and still going strong.. I was lucky because I knew from young that music would be my life, Dj-ing and Producing was one of those things that came naturally yet i still threw hours into practicing… I have now been playing clubs in Cape Town for close to 3 years..

What was the first event you ever played at/put on?

I played a lot of private events and school disco’s, house parties, etc while working on what i do, so if i think back, probably one of my first real events was The Valentines disco at my high school back in like 2007… Somewhere around like 600 or 700 people if i remember correctly.

What’s your favourite experience so far?

2012 has seriously been a year of exposure for me and i appreciate all the people who have, and are still helping me achieve my goals, but my highlight of this year would have to be the Metronome launch event with Grimehouse, Slewdada, Myself and more.. Not a huge event but the set i dropped and the atmosphere of the crowd during it definitely made it worthwhile..

Influences, we all have someone or something that influence us to do something or achieve. Who or what would you say is your big influence?

I think from a production and Dj point of view, Das Kapital and Grimehouse are definitely 2 of of my biggest inspirations.. But looking at the bigger picture, My family and close mates have always supported me 100% and make sure they are there all the time.. My dad is probably my biggest inspiration though… Theres been mornings where i’d come home at 5am and he’ll be sitting on the couch waiting up for me just to ask how it went.. Its the small things that push you to better yourself..

When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?

I have a close group of mates that i move with.. Only a handful but its all i need during and after a busy weekend.. So i like to spoil them for being there with me by throwing together some insane meals or just chilling with a hub, maybe going for sundowners… Im a very mellow oke until you put me on a stage 😉

So how is the EDM scene in your eyes at the moment?

The EDM scene in Cape Town has really blown up this year with everyone playing their respective roles to help it grow… I know its hard at times, and people do push the boundaries, but i feel it is important for Artists/Dj’s to not always put themselves above others.. Think about it, If it wasn’t for your crowd, who would support you?? So give back, be humble, but never give less than 200% at what you do… Thats what will make you stand out from the rest..

Funniest thing that ever happened at an event? (During your set)

My 19th, I decided to Dj and have a little party at Medleyz in Beachfront.. Halfway through my set this guy tells me, “Turn the music off, this is a raid..” So the cops raid and whatever and I’m eventually allowed to go Dj again.. Thinking that the cops are now gone, i pick up the mic, shout “Screw the Police” and play Fokofpolisiekarr… Well lets just say they didn’t take kindly to that, or the 500 people singing it… The club ended up with a fine but it was soooo worth it!!

How do you decide what you’re going to play at each of your gigs?

I take into account the time slot I’m given as well as if I’m supporting another DJ or artist or headlining.. They all effect my song choice as if I’m playing 9 – 10, i obviously won’t be dropping the hardest dubstep or heaviest electro as there are more Dj’s who will need to keep up with that after my set.. Then, if I’m a supporting act, I won’t go playing all the top 10 tracks as that should be in the headliners act.. I will often rock up with my 1st 2 tracks and see what the crowd is enjoying and then go from there..


Any plans for the future, we talking about EPs tours and where might your next gig be?

I’m hoping to release my EP early next year, No use in rushing it…Perfection takes time so I’m sure I need a lot of it 🙂 I also have some good Collabs coming up which I’m really looking forward too..

Then Saturday 13 October, you can catch me alongside Hyphen, Grimehouse and Jamie Saint at The Green Barn for Down The Rabbit Hole 🙂 Its going to be a ripper, Trust me!!

What is your preferred genre?

I love dropping different beats, Dubstep and the Harder Electro definitely being my preferred genre’s, however I am known for dropping just about anything into my sets, even Barbie Girl.. As previously mentioned, i love the mind tricks and playing games 😉

How does someone get hold of you, Facebook, twitter?

You can find me on Facebook at Jigsaw SA or Click  Here

Then twitter at @Jigsaw_sa

and finally Soundcloud at www.soundcloud.com/jigsawsa

Interview by

Elvis Javu

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