Mike Play

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Hi Mike Play, I am Elvis. A co-founder of Clubbers 4 EDM. This week we have chosen you as our featured DJ.  This is a way of us showing our support and appreciation of your talent and skills.


Just for those who don’t know of Mike Play please introduce yourself. Name, surname, age and where you from. Just basic info.

The name is Mike Bolton. 24 years old. Born in Durbs and living the dream in Cape Town. My aim in my set is to showcase the freshest in underground house music, this may not attract the masses, but it builds a core support and really keeps the passion in me to keep playing.

Mike Play, could you please explain, how you came about choosing that name as your alias name?

Well that started before I actually started spinning decks. In school (particularly English class) I was a bit of the class clown, not taking the class too seriously and always “playing” around, thus I was Mike the “Playmaker”. Starting to DJ is just shortened the name and “Mike Play” was born.

Influences, we all have someone or something that influence us to do something or achieve. Who or what would you say is your big influence? What roll does your influence play?

I would definitely say that Goldfish is a big influence; the fact that Dom and Dave add swing elements into their tracks and sets is definitely an inspiration and also being local! James Copeland would also be another local inspiration, and I often incorporate samples of his stuff in my sets. Globally, the likes of Hot Since 82, Maceo Plex etc. influence my funky, Nudisco, deeper sets.

Where did DJ’ing/ producing really start for you? 

I was actually taught by Italian DJ/Producer Victor Massi, in his studio on his vinyl (still the best way to play). Having got the confidence and ready I went and played an opening set at FTV Cape Town. After a while I earned a residency there and went on from there.

How did you go about make a name for yourself in the EDM scene?

Well at first it was the hustling to get into the club scene. But in 2011 I landed a residency  in the old Fez Club, having just come back from Europe I was keen to bring in the Electro-swing house sound, Fez was the perfect match.

Mike Play

Where was your first gig? How was that experience?

My first club gig, as I mentioned earlier was at FTV Cape Town in December 2007. Well I must admit I was quite nervous and anxious, but after about 15 minutes that all went away – and the fun began ;).

You have a list of places and festivals you have played at. Which club and festival has been your favourite?

My best festival, if we talking about crowd response and energy, was definitely Ministry of Sound NYE 2011/12, opening up for the likes of Kissy Sell out in front 4000 people. Now I don’t play “big room” electro anymore and I’m more into my bouncy tech house and funky deep house so I’d have to say my favorite set for a while was at The Castle in Koh Tao, Thailand.

Also see you have play along side some pretty huge international artist, Paul Van Dyk, Sam World, Reflex are a few to name. Who was the first international DJ/producer you played a long side/ supported? Also for what event was it? What can you remember about that night?

The first international I played with (barring Victor Massi) was New York house legend Nate Lawrence. It was a typical vibey night at FTV Cape Town and I just remember hearing such smooth well mixed music, and the smiles on people’s faces.

Do you have any big plans for the near future like albums or big (BIGGER) gigs?

Well yes, I am actually working on my first release hopefully to be completed by March, going to be deep, nudisco remix of something quite well known ;). Also in the works is a tour to Germany/Austria in June/July.

How does someone get a hold of you, Facebook, twitter?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dj.mikeplay

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/mikeplayza

Twitter: @mikeplay

Interested to read your reply to the next question. Is there a reason as to why you only have to mixes on your soundcloud page? For a person that has played at so many events we (fans) would expect at least 10 mixes and tracks – original tracks (all together).

I’ll be honest, I only recently moved over to Soundcloud in the beginning of the 2012, as I just used to give out my promos via cds at the club. I did have my Ministry Set and PVD set up, but took it down after a while as my sound has changed, and I also have had such a busy year that I may have been slack with uploading haha, I should change that, but this is Africa bro, and as for the original tracks those will definitely be up this year ;).

Well thanks for the interview and I am looking forward to jamming hard to your sets.

Thank you for the opportunity, I very much look forward to it!


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