Riot Squad

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Hey guys and girls we have a treat for you. We got hold of the awesome duo, Riot Squad. Roit Squad is one of my favourite local producers. They produce music from Dubstep all the way to Glitch & Electro. Mike and Kyle started Riot Squad back in 2010.

the boys

I was excited to interview them and here are a few questions that I asked them.

 So guys how did you come up with the name “Riot Squad”?

Mike: Originally we were going to call ourselves Nox, but quickly found that there where a million and one Nox’s so decided to choose a name that exemplified what we were going for.

Kyle: Ja, We came up with a few options but none of them sounded right. Mike had mentioned that he was going to start a previous alias called Riot Squad but had never followed through with it so we decided to use this name. It’s a perfect name for a duo and for the music we enjoy.

Well I think that it is awesome. Ok now for the corny DJ questions. How long have you guys been DJ’ing and how did you get together?


Mike: I originally started DJ’ing / Producing in 2009 under the alias, “Mini K” which was short lived as the genre I was producing fell got stale very quickly so I decided to move on to greener pastures.

Kyle: I began DJ’ing after I moved to Cape Town, in 2008. I approached Brick City with a mix and got booked for my first gig at Mercury. Following that I played a bunch of Cape Town Alive events around Cape Town and other events through other event organisers. I didn’t just want to be a DJ though; I wanted to learn how to make my own music so I applied to Soul Candi Institute of Music, where I met Mike.

 Influences, we all have someone or something that influence us to do something or achieve. Who or what would you say is your big influence? What roll does your influence play?

Mike: I’d have to say from a personal point of view, irrelevant from other artists & musicians; my family have always pushed me to be a musician / performer and they’re what pushed me to continue with classical music. Other than that, my 3 favorite Producers around at the moment have got to be Koan Sound, Culprate & Culture Shock.

Kyle: So many things and everyday occurrences influence me. I am a big fan of many DJ/Producers and when I see and hear what they are achieving it just makes me want us to achieve the same things.

I hear a lot of DJ’s/ Producers keep saying “ I need to write a track” “Busy writing a track” please explain this. How does a producer write a track exceptionally, when the track is Electro?

Mike: The term, “Writing a track.” Generally refers to the entire production process of producing an entire track from beginning to end, which is way, too complex a matter to delve into right now, as there are endless variables dependent on Genre, mood, key, concept etc.

Kyle: Basically writing a track is the laying out of a track involving the samples, the audio, the structure, the MIDI for the bass lines, the progressions, the melody etc. These all apply to any genre including electro.


I see you have played at SYNW, Discotheque, Side Show (Former Fez) Fiction, Young and Underrated and many more. Out of all the venues which would you say is the best place to play at?

Mike: Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I’d have to say they have all been a solid platform for us to perform at. As personal favorites go I’d have to say it’s between Fiction, The Assembly & The Side Show as they have supported us throughout our careers.

Kyle: I agree with Mike. The Assembly, Fiction and The Side Show (former Fez) have the best energy, crowds and set-ups.

Do you have any big plans for the near future like albums or big gigs?

Mike: Yes we have huge plans for 2013. At the moment we’re in the planning stage but keep an eye out in the near future for something which we believe is going to be a fresh take on what Riot Squad really is and stands for and also an exciting venture into producing genre’s which we are not yet familiar with.

Kyle: Ja, plus we have a lot of albums we want to release around the world and when the time is right plan a national and international tour. We also want to throw our own events.

What would you say is the biggest hurdle to overcome in this industry?

Mike: I’d have to say that when your starting out, the biggest and most important hurdle is getting to know exactly who is doing what in the industry, by keeping your head down & not getting involved with the so called, “Politics” the music scene apparently has. Oh and never become, “That guy” at a party. Trust me…I have been him one too many times.

Kyle: Haha and don’t expect too much when you start. It’s a lot of work just take it as it comes.

Are you guys’ friends with other DJ’s or is it every man for himself? Haha.

Mike: Haha well, It’s pretty much impossible not too be friends with the other DJ’s / Producer’s in Cape Town. Its such a small town, everyone kinda knows everyone and you see the same guys at the majority of the parties you play at, depending on the genre you play etc. but yea, we have a couple of close knit guys in the industry which have been nothing but supportive since we started so we gotta show them some love and return the favor.

A DJ’s life sounds pretty fun. Is it all partying and ladies

Kyle: Hahaha, get asked that a lot. It does have its perks but that isn’t a good reason to want to be in this profession. It’s a lot of hard work in the studio and a lot of stress. It can either be your hobby or your profession so it’s up to you to decide.

Do you have any advise for young DJ’s?

Mike: Yea; take up Piano lessons, take a Music Production course, take a DJ course, start producing a minimum of 4hrs a day and stick to it for the rest of your life, practice your mixing skills, don’t get hot headed, ever, be grateful, become an Academic in your field, be nice to other DJ’s / Producers as your gonna see them all the time, get a lot of sleep & eat an apple a day.

How does someone get a hold of you, Facebook, twitter?

You can find us on Facebook at: 



Well thanks for the interview and I am sure that you guys will be rocking the clubs for a long time to come. Looking forward to partying to you guys again soon.

Kyle:Thanks Jason will be seeing you soon. All the best!

So there you have it, Mike and Kyle from the awesome Riot Squad. Trust me guys go check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

 From me Jason Bolton and everyone here at Clubbers 4 EDM, PARTY HARD!!

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