Stellar Kartel

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Brother Stellar Kartel, the man that loves tea. Wow I find that really strange haha but suppose it’s because I don’t drink tea.


I remember I first heard of you when you tweeted us about your new 8 track ( release you were working on. When you were finally done and you sent us the link myself and a colleague listened to all 8 tracks. I think I listened twice.  That was then we decided this little man has talent, so we had to feature your 8 tracks.

Just for those who don’t know of Stellar Kartel please introduce yourselves. 

My name is Chris Jones! I’m currently 20 years old. Love, Live and Breathe music. As Elvis already said, I LOVE tea! Especially when working on my tracks or when watching series, like American Dad, huge fan of that ish! I’m also a confessed gamer, if I’m not making tunes, I’m deep into my xbox playing shoot em’ ups or questing to level up! I am a real nerd! J

Stellar Kartel, how did you come about choosing that name as your alias name?

 Haha, it kind of just came to me actually, something just clicked and I was like “Heyyyyyy that sounds good”. You guys have no idea how many different alias’s I had before this one! Stellar basically means stars/or awesome, I think. But I’m not vain so, stars it is! I have a lot of people coming up to me saying it sounds slick J

 When’d you decide that you wanted to DJ and produce music?

Well I was 16 at the time. And get this, I WAS NEVER A FAN OF ELECTRONICA AT ALL! I was big into my Hip-Hop and indie stuff, seeming that I was skating and stuff like that. The first time I heard it was when I went to my first under 18 party (Good Ol’ Days) and something just clicked! I first went about DJ’ing then decided to go produce. So yeah, think that’s how the timeline went J

What’s your favourite experience so far?

 Hmmmmmm, I would say when I played mainstage and Side Show! That was an AWESOME experience!!! But I had many good one’s in the past like opening for Pascal & Pearce, Nick Supply! That was fun! 😀

 Influences, we all have someone or something that influence us to do something or achieve. Who or what would you say is your big influence?

In terms of artists, my biggest influence right now would be my boys Riot Squad, Deep Filth, Blitzkrieg, Nastek, Grimehouse, Pascal & Pearce!!! Errrrggg there so many guys I would love to add but it would be ASS-long! But besides that, all my friends, especially my friends . They always coming up to me, even guys I hardly spoke to in High School coming up saying “you doing well for yourself” etc etc. I really do appreciate every bit of it! J

 Give or take how many hours do you spend writing a track?

That depends. If the creative juices are flowing well, max +/- 3-4 hours (doesn’t include final mixdown). Sometimes maybe 6. Mixing down takes maybe 7 hours, just to get it right. I am abit of a perfectionist 😛

“Getting my first record label release soon! Words cannot describe what I’m feeling right now!!!” This was your recent status on Facebook and Twitter; you care to give more details about this? Which record label? Is it a single track or a whole EP (Album)?

For sure! It’s going to be a 3 track EP titled “This Feeling” and its going to be released by On A Break Records. Very Pascal & Pearce inspired vibe, especially the title song, “This Feeling”. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it out!!! J

How does someone get a hold of you, Facebook, twitter?

 Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, perhaps mxit too. Haha just kidding! 😛

Well thanks for the interview and I am looking forward to drinking tea with you.

Thank you having me Elvis! Same here! 😉

Interview by

Elvis Javu

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