Who’s In? The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals.

Who’s In? The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals.


October 17th, 2013


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Jose Cuervo Tequila announces the official South African tour of world-class headliners The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals (Reggae DJ Set). These internationally acclaimed artists, performing in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, will be joined by local music heavyweights in celebrating the Cuervolution!

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The #Cuervolution is more than just a party, it’s a calling. It is where fellow music lovers, party goers and Cuervo drinkers come together to experience the essence of what a street festivity is, hosting some of the top local and international live acts. It’s about sharing the experiences with your mates, and meeting new ones over your favourite tequila. Join the #Cuervolution on the 22nd of November in Town Hall & Mills Parking Lot in Johannesburg and on the 23rd of November at Assembly & Harrington Street in Cape Town!


THE SUBWAYS (UK) are one of the most exciting live bands on the current touring circuit, thrilling crowds with their explosive rock sound and wild stage performances!

Back in 2005, aged just 16years old, The Subways crashed onto the international rock scene with their cult debut album ‘YOUNG FOR ETERNITY’ and rock-club-DJ favourite ‘ROCK & ROLL QUEEN’. The track has built a huge fan base with Guy Ritchie even inviting the band to perform it in his 2008 movie ‘RocknRolla’.

The Subways have set themselves a target of breaking further new ground in 2013 and, if you are reading this, the chances are that they are coming to your town! I hope you are ready!


Billy Lunn (Vocals/ Guitar), Charlotte Cooper (Bass/ Vocals), Josh Morgan (Drums)


Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Having sold approximately 10 million albums worldwide, Fun Lovin’ Criminals,and their funky ’90s rock/hip hop band are known for their cool onstage antics. They are best known for their hit “Scooby Snacks” which features samples from films by Quentin Tarantino, as well as the song “Love Unlimited”, which serves as a comical tribute to Barry White. The band has gained a large following, particularly in northwest Europe, and is set to rock out an unforgettable reggae performance in SA.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals DJ set are:  Brian is Fast and Mark is Frank.


Johannesburg Line up


19h00 – Vampire 9000

20h00 – Shortstraw

21h00 – Kidofdoom

22h00 – Desmond & The Tutus

23h00 – The Subways


21h00 – Half n Half

22h30 – Weasel

00h30 – Fun Lovin’ Criminals DJ Set


21h00 – Lil Bow

22h00 – Sasquatch

23h00 – Yo Grapes

00h00 – Moe Joe

01h00 – Doctor Khumalo

Cape Town Line Up


18h00 – The Future Primitives

19h00 – Beach Party

20h00 – Beast

21h00 – Taxi Violence

22h00 – aKING

23h00 – The Subways


21h00 – Robfather

22h00 – Gateway Drugs

23h30 – Big Exit

00h30 – Fun Lovin’ Criminals DJ Set

01h30 – Sideshow


21h00 – Battle Beyond The Stars

23h00 – YOH! DJ Set

00h00 – Naas

01h00 – 4th

02h00 – Ryan Gosling


Get your tickets, grab your mates and throw back a few ice-cold Jose Cuervo’s while getting in the groove. Tickets will be on sale for R100 each available to purchase on Please note this is an 18+ event. Bring valid ID.


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