Kyle Brinkmann National Cleavage Day Breast Cancers Survivors Project

Kyle Brinkmann National Cleavage Day Breast Cancers Survivors Project


March 17th, 2014


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My name is Kyle Brinkmann.

On the 10th of March 2014, I was on Facebook when a notification came up, showing someone on my friendslist was attending a party called “TIGER TIGER BOOBJOB GIVEAWAY”.

I clicked through to the event to see what this about, as this wasn’t the first time I’d seen such a party being held by the venues across the country.

The concept of the event is best described by the writeup itself (as it WAS written on Monday 10 March, before they changed it):


Celebrating National Cleavage day in style with a R30 000 BOOBJOB GIVEAWAY!!!

That’s right ladies, what better way to celebrate the day then winning R30 000 towards a Breast Augmentation of YOUR CHOICE!!

ENTER the competition in just 2 simple steps:

1. Comment with your email address below 

2. Share this event

This Year Tiger Tiger is opening entries up to GENTS as well who can nominate a lady of his choice if his name is drawn. SO get your husbands, boyfriends, fathers etc ENTERING!!!





“Last year, this event had a lot of negative feedback online, as you can imagine, but what pushed me over the edge this time around was not only the fact that the franchise did it all again, but this time with the sponsorship of alcohol brand Strawberry Lips – a drink aimed exclusively at a female market.

I don’t feel very comfortable acting as a spokesperson for feminism, but I was outraged at the idea that a PARTY could somehow offer women an opportunity to “better” themselves with surgery, with the endorsement of a brand (Strawberry Lips) that has in the past said to stand for the strength, integrity and artistry of women AS THEY ARE (if their campaigns and prior events are anything to go by).

The fact that some girls and young women should feel the need to have to compete for surgery and feel LUCKY to win ‘better breasts’ and treat them like a prize is something I cannot understand, but is apparently a reality.

However, the fact that a nightclub and alcohol brand expect a party to run off that idea, whilst allowing for boyfriends, husbands and fathers to enter their significant others / children to somehow IMPROVE them is disgusting.

“National Cleavage Day” is a Wonderbra campaign started in 2002, celebrated in April, described in the Independent Online as “a day for women to realise that their cleavage is something unique and that they should be proud of it,” by their public relations correspondent Anita Meiring.

How does a breast augmentation celebrate the uniqueness, or the ability of a woman to be proud of herself? It explicitly implies she has something to be ashamed of or fix; as if the differences in her body shapes to others’ are not to be valued.

Why are the two brands using their position to give breast augmentation surgeries to people that probably do not need them, and that, according to their theme and what it stands for, should be celebrating themselves the way they are?

Why are these same two brands then not using their position to give the surgeries to people that truly need them, for instance breast cancer survivors that have undergone single or double mastectomies?

My personal connection with breast cancer comes from sufferers within my close family; the families of loved ones and friends. There are very few people that I know that have not been touched by breast cancer in some way or another. I’ve seen the effects of the treatments, witnessed how debilitating it can be when a woman has to lose one or both of her breasts, and what affect that can have on her own sense of femininity; womanhood.

I entered the competition to highlight my concerns and to offer the prize to someone that really needs it. I also used my social media to urge people to do the same in their own locales. I couldn’t sit idly by and watch as an opportunity to help people in need is squandered.

Off the back of my post, there has been a surge of interest across South Africa from people both in and outside the music industry; friends and strangers alike. I’ve also had direct contact with and interest from Noelene Kotschan from The Pink Drive, an organization heavily involved in breast cancer treatment, with special attention paid to their mobile mammography units used for breast cancer screening, education and awareness within underprivileged communities.

In light of this, I have launched The Kyle Brinkmann South African National Cleavage Day Breast Cancers Survivors Project, in partnership with The Pink Drive.

Thus far I’ve had just over R20 000 pledged pre-launch, as well as Fiction nightclub in Cape Town offering R2500 and use of the venue for a charity show. All the proceeds of donations and any events we do will go directly towards the costs of reconstructive surgery for those breast cancer survivors without the means – no administrative fees shall be taken.

I shall continue pushing this across the country, so that annually, as this ‘National Cleavage Day’ rolls around, we will be able to provide more such surgeries.

This is an issue close to my heart, and my wish is that likeminded people get involved with it.

I truly hope both the Tiger Tiger franchise and Strawberry Lips understand where I am coming from, and would really appreciate if they could join in helping people truly in need.


If you want to make a donation to The Kyle Brinkmann National Cleavage Day Breast Cancer Survivor Project, simply CLICK HERE


We at Clubbers fully support this  campaign  and we will be making donations ourselves and hopefully most of our #ClubbersFamily could also make a donation.



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