Le Roi Beach Bar | Camps Bay Launch

Le Roi Beach Bar | Camps Bay Launch


November 13th, 2013


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A new jewel has been added to the Camps Bay crown, LE ROI (say; ‘Le-Wah’), opened its doors this weekend. Embracing the pillars of life, music and art—a diverse crowd gathered to enjoy sensational views and groovy house music against a funky yet sophisticated backdrop on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Saturday’s private opening welcomed movers-and-shakers from worlds of fashion, music, art and business. The atmosphere was high-end without being pretentious, welcoming and warm—with the kind of buzz only a room full of creatives can generate. There was plenty of fuel in the form of king sized sushi plates, decadent fruit platters, delicious cocktails, along with all the usual premium spirits and wines, and helpful servers on-hand. Surveying the weaving and bopping, colourful beach bar, it was clear Le Roi has created a landscape for like-minded people to share ideas, opinions and interests. Sunday’s session enjoyed the same quixotic mix of Cape Town’s mavericks—a portent for a glorious summer ahead.

Le Roi is a groove bar that specialises in a unique offering of house music with a retro spin, and avant-garde DJane Miss Pickett spun a magic set on Saturday. As the peach-gold sunset faded into the sea, Miss Pickett wove a soundscape of deep house beats to more soulful tunes as the stars came out. On Sunday, Le Roi opened to the public and top local DJ, Dean FUEL commanded the dance floor with his intuitive brand of groovy house—as if to say, Sundays in Camps Bay are back!

Inspired by the vibrant palette of Vladimir Tretchikoff’s work, the unusual décor creates a stylish backdrop from which to enjoy the view of Cape Town’s most famous beach, masterful electronic dance music, and the kind of people you’d love to have on speed dial.

A launch to remember and nights to never forget—the reign of The King has just begun.

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About Le Roi Beach Bar:

A new jewel has been added to the Camps Bay crown; LE ROI (pronounced; “Le Wah”) overlooks the sandy white expanse of Cape Town’s most famous beach. It embraces like-minded people with a passion for life, music and art.

Inspired by the vibrant palette of Tretchikoff’s work, the décor is intrepid and unusual and creates a stylish backdrop from which to enjoy a wide range of equally inventive cocktails.

When darkness creeps up the beach, allow Trechikoff’s “Miss Wong and the Lady from Orient” to play host to the good vibrations and contentment that people search for whilst watching the sun go down over the azure sea – drink in hand.

It’s all about being bold and vivacious yet retro and vintage. Simply put, Le Roi is not your typical Camps Bay beach bar – instead it’s a sensational escape.


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