Like a Daisy in the Wind [RTD2013 Review]

Like a Daisy in the Wind [RTD2013 Review]


October 11th, 2013


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On Thursday 3rd October, I headed to Cloof Wine Estate in Darling for the 8th edition of Rocking the Daisies. This year we were promised an even bigger fare as the capacity was upped and the site did not disappoint. As I checked through the gates within the grounds of the stunning festival, I saw that the vast area was covered in tents already.

I was preparing for typical Cape Town weather; however I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the sunshine. The majority of revelers arrived at the site early, Daisies was booming from the off. Unsurprisingly the denim cut-off, barely-there, shorts were the staple fashion style for the females and the Onesies were in full throttle. The bars were busy, beers were flowing, the burger vans filled the air with that familiar nostalgic festival scent and spirits were high. Now, let’s bring on the music!

The Campsite stage didn’t disappoint , which saw the likes of The Dollfins ; Jakkals & More treating the crowd with a great ‘welcome to daisies’ vibe. As midnight drew closer revelers were surprised by the arrival of the Redbull Truck. The truck was manned by Djs Vava & Daddy Warbucks who wasted no time in picking up the party spirits and leading everyone into the early hours of the morning.

While Friday brings with it sore heads, comforting hugs, Daisies was greeted by the next influx of revelers and strong winds. It also meant that main festival area would be finally opened and I could get my first taste of what Daisies had to offer.


During the day it was safe to say that the Mainstay Beach Bar was the place to be, with the covered beach area being filled to capacity with a crowd wanting more deep house , techno & yard-glasses filled with their favourite Mainstay cocktail.

As dusk fell, the rave belly began to rumble in anticipation for the Redbull Electronic Stage.It was a heavy-weight lineup from start to finish with the likes of Sibot ; Das Kapital ; Niskerone ; Ready D ; Jack Parow & Terrance Pearce.


The Kiffness - Performance


I was however disappointed that this year there was no sign of the Redbull Rave Cave, which had been a staple addition to the festival for 5 years, and with it being windy would’ve been to perfect place to seek shelter.

Day three of Daisies came with the excitement in the air as many people got ready to be amazed by International acts such as Alt-J ; The Hives ; Skunk Anasie & of course Boys Noize.

My next few moves during the day involved dipping in and out of a couple of tents, catching a little of Matthew Gold at the Main Stage, before settling on the place I enjoyed the most, the Mainstay Beach Bar, where I stayed until it was closed. Definitely some notable acts were Goldfish ; Diggin4Dodge ; Rob Toca vs D’ritmo & Kanan K7 (BRA) vs Claudia Lovisa (SPA).



It is so easy to get lost in the moment and completely lose track of time when at Daisies. With so many stages and so many credible acts to try and fit within such a seemingly short space of time, it gets to a point where you have to forget about sticking to a strict schedule and just take heed and go with the flow. It’s at these times that you stumble across an act that you might not have necessarily seen before, or find yourself within a vast crowd waiting for an artist that you realize you have seen before but you’re too far wedged in the middle to even want to consider moving.

Thankfully I arrived back at the Redbull Electronic Stage to witness the sounds of Culoe De Song , which was absolutely amazing and such an appropriate opening set for South African heavy-weights , Crazy White Boy. They took the bar of live performances and raised it higher than its ever been, treating the crowd to some tracks from their new forthcoming album.

Crazy White Boy - Performance

Culoe De Song - Performance

Chris Jack & Monique Pascall set the tone for the rest of the night and got the eager crowd ready for Boys Noize.

To my surprise Boys Noize really treated the crowd to a variety of different genres which was really great to hear and shattered my idea of what I would’ve expected. The 2 hour set felt like  it had come & gone within the blink of an eye, But the show had to go one with The Fogshow taking the last few standing die hards into the sunrise.



As the festival drew to a close with a literal ‘tops off’ moment as the sun came out, I reflected on how exceptional this place was. In a market becoming increasingly over-saturated, there are few other festivals where you will you see music so perfectly suited to it’s surroundings, with so much emphasis placed on both the sound-system and the setting.

Daisies is not a place for the casual enjoyer of music, at 4 days long it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It doesn’t have any ‘standard festival headliners’, nor does it require them. It welcomes those with a genuine knowledge and appreciation for music. At one point whilst talking to a friend during Goldfish’s set, a girl very angrily insisted that “if you want to talk, do it outside”.

That’s the kind of attitude Daisies has, the ‘what are you doing, you’re interrupting my music’ ethos. And when the music is this good it’s worth shutting up for.


Thank you to everyone who made this festival possible, everyone who worked behind the scenes and spent countless hours organizing everything.

Last shout-out to Kate from Voice Factory, thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend & write about Rocking the Daisies.


Words By: Ben McCabe | @callmeben0

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