Media Partnership with naasMUSIC Electronic


March 25th, 2013


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naasMUSIC is a facet of naas (a creative collaborative agency based in Cape Town) focused on music and performing artists of ALL genres.

2 divisions of naasMUSIC exist, namely;

Electronic will cater for all electronic music producers and
Live will cater for all live bands and musicians.

We will be teaming up with the naasMUSIC Electronic team lead by Angela Weickl aka SIDE5HOW and will be featuring Throwing Shade as their first release.

TEASER clip:

Here is some more info about the naas collective:

  • naasMUSIC is more of a platform than a traditional record label.
  • No artists will be signed to the naasMUSIC network, but instead, will sign individual project contracts if that particular project calls for such paper work.
  • If an artist/band decides to join the naasMUSIC family they will have preferential access to all of naas’ facets and resources: FILM, MUSIC, PHOTOGRAPHY, DESIGN, COLLABORATIONS, FASHION, EVENTS
  • We, as a facet, offer management of artists, publicity (Public Relations) on our networks, and referrals of projects that naas receive as a whole.
  • We will offer bookings on shows and tours and slots on naasEVENTS for artists that we feel will suit that particular show.
  • We also encourage all artists who are a part of naasMUSIC to collaborate and work with other artists in the naasMUSIC family/network which will in turn lead to more diverse music and wider exposure.
  • All music released will be posted onto each artist’s Soundcloud account respectively and will be reposted by naasMUSIC’s Soundcloud account.

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