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MiNNAAR Release Their Music Video For SHADOW OF THE EARTH

MiNNAAR Release Their Music Video For SHADOW OF THE EARTH


October 17th, 2013


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The release of MiNNAAR’s brand new music video for their song, SHADOW OF THE EARTH. Shadow Of The Earth is the second offering in terms of music videos from this brother-sister duo (comprising of Louis and Magdalene Minnaar) and comes from their second EP, Safe & Sound, which was released earlier this year.

“The song is about the cosmos and the epic things we find beyond what we are able to see. Whatever lies in the shadow of the earth (that which we cannot see), is left up to the imagination to try and describe. So its really about these chaotic, dreamt-up images that we think we might find out there. However, it remains a dark mystery to us and this comes across in the video.”

The video can be described as ‘a performance based video that takes place in a dark landscape filled with reactive shards and shapes of light‘. It was shot by Louis Minnaar with a green screen and then also animated and polished at his own studio.

Louis used the textures in the music as a platform on which he then based the animated elements that fills the landscape over and around his sister, Magdalene’s performance. The idea was to enhance every sound and texture in the music by mimicking it in visual terms.

MiNNAAR currently has two EPs to their name, Volcano which was released in 2012, and Safe & Sound which was released in 2013. Both EP’s are available for FREE download from their website – The duo is currently working on their 3rd EP together.

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