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September 9th, 2012


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Two years to produce a 6:33 track, WOW, it either means you are really a slow worker or you take pride in your work and want to make sure it is perfect or your procrastinate a lot.

Which ever it is that Anton Shuffle did I must say I really enjoyed listening to his first orignal track. In our inbox Saturday night myself and a colleague found the link to his first track. My colleague is a man that love Drum & Bass and to be honest all the response I expected from him would be “Meh its okay”. But, to my surprise he started shifting his head back and forth, side to side and head bobbing, straight from the start of the track, as the track was building up, he was too, looking like he was ready to lose his mind and be all over the floor dancing. That’s when I realised that is track was produced well and it was a proper Progressive House. We both could see all the planning and thinking and the little chats Anton was having with himself (we just imagine he was having those chats).

Anyways, we really enjoyed listening to this track and I am listening to it as I type this post. Anton states in the email that this track still need some final mastering to be done. Well we are looking forward to hearing the proper final track.

Guy have a listen

Anton Shuffle’s New Track Below:


You can also find him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/djantonshuffle for any feed back you might have for him or just to keep in touch with his music.

Post By: Elvis Javu

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