Q & A with Dose

Q & A with Dose


June 19th, 2014


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Hi Dose, my name is Elvis and I am a co-founder of Clubbers 4 EDM; a music blog from South Africa. After listening to your new Album “Mind The Future” – I would like to ask you a few questions regarding your music career. These questions will focus on your Dj’ing, production and track writing.

1) DOSE, please introduce yourself to our readers that don’t know you.

  I’m Dose 😀 – Im a dnb artist from New Zealand. I have been djing and producing for about 12 years now.. and have dj’d across New Zealand, Australia,UK and Europe. I’ve released on such labels as RAM, Renegade Hardware, Samurai Music, SOM Music, Non-Vogue, Revolution records, Commercial Suicide,  Vision recordings and a lot more!

2) When did dj’ing all begin for you?

 So about 14 years ago I got invited to a rave, from there it was a sure sell. I became intrigued and fanatical about the music. This grew into an obsession in which evolved into djing, promoting in New Zealand and producing 🙂

3) What’s your routine before a gig or set, whether it is at a club or festival?

 hmm, rest, refresh, socialise, prepare and play & Enjoy!

4) Have you ever made a major mistake during a gig? What happened? Did you manage to hide it & save the set?

 Sure lots of times, who hasnt? many lessons learnt. Eveything from changing the wrong record, to skipping the wrong track. The wrong buttons on the mixer etc and even standing on the power chord for the setup! But this things all help shape your confidence, character and skill…..
Dose Press shot

5) What come to mind when you hear ‘Drum and Bass’?

 Drum and bass to me is a culture and community. A music and artform in which brings people together for a release. Artists exhibit there music at club nights. So cool.

6) Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

 I’ll keep it on the dnb page and say there are loads but the top 5 would be –  John B (Catalyst days), Bad Company, Ed Rush and Optical, Dj Bailey, Klute (in no order)

7) When did you start producing your first ever track? How was the response? & what emotions were running through you when you finally finished writing it?

The first finished track was a great feeling. It was a simple soulful type thing that was a good effort all things considered. Feedback was good. Intention was there and delivery was ok again conisering.. but yea very addictive process. The better you get the more you want.

8) What was your initial goal when you started producing?

 To release the endless ideas running around my head! and sure take things further as an artist…but expression of ideas and creativity would be the dominant one here.

9) How much time do you put in to writing a song?

It varies a lot. the quicer ones would be 5-6 hours… then others would be days…. but it’s always broken up over days or weeks or months

10) In your own words describe Mind The Future?

 Mind the future – A captured moment of an artist’s mind and ideas. Dose just being dose, but as varied as possible..but really nothign was forced, just natural wiritng and ejoyment. not trying to re invent the wheel. nor do anything other than what comes naturally…just let it happen…. hopefully that makes sence.

11) How did you go about choosing the over all sound for the production of the Album?

 As above i just wanted to be me…
Thanks a lot for taking the time for the interview questions! and supporting me! much appreciated 🙂

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