Q & A with Grimehouse

Q & A with Grimehouse


August 14th, 2014


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We caught up with Grimehouse ahead of his gig at GrietFest 2014 [ EVENT PAGE ] at Town Hall in Johannesburg. We meet up with the mask man just to have a little chat about #Beksex, his mask, his music video and him being asked to direct Hollywood movies. Was an epic interview with Keaton aka Grimhouse. So if you have time just read below. When done reading go comment on his page the words ” Monkey Slut”. Enjoy

C4EDM: Grimehouse the man behind the mask. What is the tale behind wearing the mask? Fear of people seeing your face while playing haha or just making a statement?

Grimehouse: Thanks for having me Clubbers! I don’t really care for making statements or anything, the easy and anti-climatic answer is that I suffer from some stage fright, and hiding behind a mask helps me do what I’ve always wanted to without the panic attacks. I’m very introverted.

C4EDM: What has Grimehouse been up to of late?

Grimehouse: I’ve been so bleak lately. I have moved house and my studio space is still being renovated at the moment, I haven’t had time for making new music and it’s killing me!! Other than that , lots of gigs up and down and lots of exciting stuff coming up like Grietfest!
C4EDM: Playing Ultra must have been a feast for you. Tell us a little about the experience?

Grimehouse: Saying it was a dream come true is an understatement because I would NEVER have dreamed I would play at Ultra, ever, ever. I even bought a ticket before I got that call. The experience was terrifying as I played the exact same time as TIESTO and his lovely fireworks endshow. But the guys who hung out at my set really made my year! My set aside, the event was amazing and getting to see all those Internationals was an epic experience!
C4EDM: The mask… You have just recently acquired your new mask why the move from the old version?

Grimehouse: I broke the old one, did a Macguyver fix on it, then gave it away…I’m useless
C4EDM: Social media has been booming with #Beksex. Where did that originate?

Grimehouse: It came about from me just eating a fuck load as I usually do , and combining that with testing out my new camera on the Samsung Galaxy S5. People started getting hungry when I uploaded pics so I carried on and then I came up with the word BEKSEX. Sex for your BEK.

C4EDM: Talk of music video’s… Grimehouse Massive Strike (Official Music Video) was such a hit. When can our readers expect another professional music video?

Grimehouse: Yea I’ve been asked to direct so many Hollywood movies since then…There is a new one, not edited by me, I gave some professionals a chance, it should be out soonzies!

C4EDM: We believe that this is your first gig at GrietFest. What took so long for you to get booked by them lol? Clearly you pretty excited about playing there. What do you expect you might experience during your set?

Grimehouse: Me as Grimehouse is only 2 and a half years old so this is only the second Grietfest I hear of (Sorry Grietfest but I hear the last one was a banger!!) I’m always honored when such big events think of me as one of the DJ’s, I can’t describe how grateful I always am!

C4EDM: Just a little heads up for those attending GrietFest, what can they expect from you? You have any tricks you got stored for them?

Grimehouse: Myself, Das Kapital, Niskerone, Sibot, Toyota are going to make a DJ totem on each others shoulders and play simultaneously all night in the parking lot!

C4EDM: We are getting closer to the end of this interview. Do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star song. What do you notice about these two songs?

Grimehouse: They have the same melody? Also Baa Baa Black Sheep shares that too, also it was one of Motzart’s favorite pieces of music to play…. Sorry, I digress

C4EDM: Grimehouse as a brand where to from here?

Grimehouse: I don’t like to look at it as a brand, I’m just a normal guy playing music to people that I love. You all choose where it goes from here 🙂
C4EDM: Anything else you’d like to say? Shout outs?

Grimehouse: Grimau5 has left the building….Get it? Its an Elvis reference… If you are bored enough to be reading this Interview till the end…use the code word “Monkey Slut” on my Facebook wall just so I know…

Was such great fun interview Grimehouse, we want to wish you luck for your gig at GrietFest and best of luck for the rest of the year. Look forward to having another chat with you in the near future.

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