Q & A with Jakobsnake

Q & A with Jakobsnake


May 28th, 2014


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Hi Jakobsnake, my name is Elvis I’m a co-founder for Clubbers 4 EDM  based in Cape Town. We are honoured to be able to conduct this interview ahead of your Park Acoustic Gig on Sunday 1st of June. We appreciate the time you have taken to read through these questions and answering them

1) For all the readers out there who may not be familiar with you, tell us a bit about Jakobsnake & how this all started.

After meeting and going on a date with my uncle Johnny, my mom met and fell in love with my father, had intercourse one time to make my sister, and seven years later had intercourse one single other time to make me. Some people get accounting, supreme business acumen or ability to make delicious oxtail casserole, I got insatiable love for music. Here I sit, many projects, disciplines, jobs, roles and smiles later, writing on a keyboard where the “b” key doesnt work and i have to copy + paste it in…so you wont notice it. 

2) Influences, we all have someone or something that influences us to do something or achieve something. Who or what would you say is your biggest influence? What roll does your influence play?

Im a pretty emotional guy actually to be honest. It influences literally every decision I make, sometimes exhaustingly. I would say being a dumb fleshy human trying to figure out my path and how to deal with the absolute shit-storm whirring in my body is my biggest influence. I’m just trying. 

3) We know that you are part of the duo BTEAM, which is made up of yourself and Plaigarhythm. Please tell us how does Jakobsnake’s set differ to BTEAM set?

It is a completely different decision making process in terms of mood and interaction being up there DJing by myself than it is with Big Plaigy the Orchestrator (I’m absolutely positive that’s his new artist name and he told me to tell everyone to only ever call him that from now on). We feed off each other, go in different directions and really build a set based on traveling in a party of 2 together. Whereas if i’m up there by myself, its much more erratic and “tourettesy” because im a wreck. It’s two completely different things and sounds. 

4) Which is your most memorable gig? And mostly why?

As a DJ, I full-on fucking cried closing the Tropical Roast once. 

I realise the more I answer this, it’s painting a pretty bleak picture of the sets im gonna be playing in PTA this weekend:) but i promise i will fuck your shit up and be emotionally considered in my DJ choices at the same time:)

5) Have you ever had any awkward moments on stage? Equipment failing you, pushing the wrong button etc

As a DJ, I full-on fucking cried closing the Tropical Roast once.

6) Just a little heads up for those attending Park Acoustics, what can they expect from you? You have any tricks you got stored for them?

Im sandwiched in between two LEGENDS and heroes of mine (Ingozi and Laband) so im going to try play a really fun breed of “AFROCLAP” style jams from around the world. Expect a bunch of global bass sounds, some Durban (and CPT:) Gqom, assorted SA House vibes, Baille Funk, maybe even some Tuki etc etc etc 

7) We are getting closer to the end of this interview. Do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star song. What do you notice about these two songs?

Wow, thats pushy, no..i don’t think i’ll do either. 
In fact, you do it. 

8) Anything else you’d like to say? Shout outs?

Im so excited and lucky to come play such fantastic parties in Pretoria this weekend, it’ll be excellent to spend time with friends i havent seen in a while, and to hang out with my mom and sister for a bit on Saturday, i really need that shit right now.
Thanks for the interview and showing interest in me!





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