Q & A with KRISSI B

Q & A with KRISSI B


January 23rd, 2014


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One of my favourite genres of music is UK Garage, so when I sent a exclusive package of KRISSI B EP, I WANT U, before the end of last year. I knew Christmas had come early, was so happy and excited to listen to and was surprised at how amazing the EP was. I was then given a chance to interview KRISSI B, what an honour. So that being said sit back relax and have a read. Why not listen to the EP in the background too.

1)    KRISSI B, please introduce yourself to our readers that don’t know you.

 I’m Krissi B, from Manchester in the north of England. I’m a DJ, Musician, Sound Engineer and Producer who loves all kinds of music. I am signed to a few record labels in the UK, one in France, as well as my running my own label Krissi B Sound!

2)    Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

I have lots and lots of different influences ranging from people like Stevie Wonder, Jeff Lynne and Quincy Jones through to more obscure people like Fela Kuti and Delia Derbyshire. I grew up listening to the kind of music being played at the Hacienda club, so was always into House from a young age, pirate radio always played decent music.  I love Northern Soul too. It’s raw and fast. And also Stu Allan and Allistair Whitehead inspired me as DJs.

3) What come to mind when you hear ‘UK Garage’?

People like Sol Bros, AVH, Loop Da Loop, Tuff Jam, Todd Edwards, Sticky, Sunship, Trotters Independent Traders, Ice Cream etc. Their sound got me hooked on Garage really. UKG is one of my favourite styles of music; it’s full of energy and sounds more raw than any other style of Dance. The basses are subby and deep, the drums are tight and powerful. My favourite style of Garage is 4×4 drums, jazzy chords, deep warping basses and stretched out chopped up vocals. The major labels supported Garage a lot more back then.

4) When did producing all begin for you?

When I was young really, with a Commodore Amiga and software like Med 3.2 and MusicX, I didn’t really know what I was doing that well but I kept messing with it until I got good sounds from it. When I switched to a PC the first programs I used were Evolution Audio and then Cubase VST32, very old skool now! I still mainly use Cubase, and occasionally Ableton. Most of the time I use a MIDI keyboard but sometimes I draw everything with a mouse just for the challenge of it.

5) When did you start producing your first ever track? What emotions were running through you when you finally finished writing it?

My first ever track probably didn’t sound amazing but I’ve learnt a lot since then. The first one I made that actually sounded good to me was around 2000 I think and was called “Untouchable”, I was well happy with the basses on that track at the time.

Krissi B & Laura Lou-i want u_Sticker 10x10cm

 6) What was your initial goal when you started producing?

To get music onto vinyl and to hopefully build a career in music somehow, just to get as far as I could with it really. I never expected to hear my stuff played on BBC Radio 1 or by people like EZ and the Wideboys though!

7) Have you ever thought, ‘This is what my life was made for’?

 It seems to be, music feels natural to me to do, it’s always been like that really. I would say music is my first language!

 8) In your own words describe “I Want U”?

“I Want U” was a nice track to do. I like the dreamy feel of it, and Laura brings it to life with her vocals.

 9) Who wrote the lyrics for “I Want U”?

Laura Lou. Sometimes we write lyrics together but this one was all her.

10) What was your influence for this track/EP?

I didn’t really have an influence, I just sit in the studio playing with sounds, chords and notes until something good happens!

11) How did you manage to get Laura Lou to do the vocals?

I’ve known Laura a long time, and we’ve worked together on a lot of stuff. I sent her a rough basic version of the tune and she said she liked it and wanted to vocal it, so we met up and did the vocals.

krissi b 1

 12) Are you happy with the overall sound of the EP?

Yeah, definitely! I love the EJ remix; he’s always been a really good producer in my eyes so to get him involved was really cool for me. I never expected his remix to sound that dark and heavy though! I’ve played his remix in France and Belgium and the crowd reaction to it is ridiculous, it sounds like a tidal wave through the sound system! I’m happy with the 2 step mix too, it has the classic UKG sound. And the original version is a combination of house and electro with a funky dirty bassline!

13) Can we expect more release from KRISSI B? A single / EP / LP / Album before the year-end or early next year?

There’s always something going on with me! I’ve got a few releases lined up for next year with a few different labels, also I have more to come on Kiosk. I’m working with a few new exciting artists at the moment as well so they will get their debut singles out soon. Leah Lost has her “Vintage” album coming next year too which I’m producing. Plus in the middle of that I’m working on my next album. I’m busy in the studio at the moment! 

 14) When you visit our website,, what us your first impression?

 It looks nice. You seem to be busy constantly posting new stuff which is always good! The internet needs sites like this, it’s a good source of information for music fans and clubbers alike.

 15) Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?

Massive shouts to everyone who’s supported me from day one, anyone who’s taken the time out to listen to my music. Thanks to Laura, EJ and everyone at Kiosk Records. Plus a hello to all the other labels I’m involved with, Northern Line, FDB, Mutant Bass, In The Face and Off Me Nut Records! And all the DJs that have played my stuff in the clubs and on radio, it all means a lot.

That is all the time and questions we have for you, KRISSI. Once again thanks for taking the time out and answering these questions we truly appreciate it.

No worries, thank you for including “I Want U” on your blog, and a big hello to everyone in South Africa reading this! Hopefully I’ll be able to come and play over there soon….

Interviewee: Elvis Javu

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