Q & A with MiNNAAR

Q & A with MiNNAAR


June 25th, 2013


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MiNNAAR is an explosive and long-overdue musical collaboration between brother and sister Louis
and Magdalene Minnaar. The super-talented siblings (Louis – graphic artist, music video director,
composer, animator & Magdalene – opera singer, actress, lyricist and producer) have been brooding
over this symbiotic project for many months, engrossed in the crafting of their dramatic lyrics, soaring
melodies and crunching beats. Not being governed by any specific genre, MiNNAAR’s music weaves
an electronic beat tapestry with various styles of vocals, creating an enchanting fusion of epic danceinspired operatic ballads.


We caught up with the duo to ask them a few questions ahead of their EP, Safe and Sound.

This what they had to say. 🙂

1. What made you guys decide to team up and start this new duo?

Well we’ve been working together on music since an early age, and this just seemed like the next logical step.

2. Who would you say is “brains” amongst yourselves?

Definitely Louis. He really is the main driving force behind MiNNAAR, and begin the producer he has the final say on sound and over-all details

3. Which genre would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

I think between the 2 of us we’ve pretty much got it covered… 

4. You produce a very unique sound of music , where do you guys draw your inspiration from?

We both have very diverse interests in music – from classical music to more experimental electronic music. Main influences for both of us from a young age have been Trent Reznor, Bjork, Radiohead, Imogen Heap, Lana del Ray. We both also love a good movie score & have masses of music in our collections.

5. Any future plans to be playing at events\festivals?
We definitely want to start gigging, but selectively as we both already have quite busy performance careers.

6. What would you say is the secret to being a successful Producer?

 Being extremely pedantic with detail, and HARD work. In the end it’s hours & hours & hours of fine-sculpting and deciding what is good and what needs more work. 

7. You blend so many different musical genres.  What are some influences you had growing up that have affected your music that people might be surprised to hear?

We grew up with classical music, so that would be the first thing that maybe stands out. Also Magdalene’s operatic vocals in places – she sings to a top F which you can hear on some of the tracks, but on the whole the vocal delivery is not just operatic. Also, beat wise Louis went to great extremes so it’s quite a journey sound wise…

8. Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?

Thanks to everyone who love our music & supports MiNNAAR, everyone who helped with the EP including Jaco van der Merwe, Peach van Pletzen and Jacob Israel , and everyone we might have irritated in making Safe & Sound – including spouses, neighbours & Krummel the white Scottie who always wants to sing along.


Studio Photos: By Louis Minnaar
Press Shots: By Louis Minnaar and Christo Jansen Niemandt
Connect with MiNNAAR on the following social media:
Personal websites:
Magdalene: CLICK HERE
Interview by Ben McCabe ( @callmeben0 )

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