Q & A with Sideshow

Q & A with Sideshow


August 21st, 2014


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It is an honour to interview of our friend, Sideshow. We are pretty excited about this interview, just got some questions we want to ask with regards to Sideshow and Grietfest! So without wasting any time lets get started.

C4EDM: Sideshow, thank you for taking some time out and doing this interview with us. How has your day been so far? (Now this depends what time of the day you answer these questions)

Sideshow: Hey guys, it’s Sunday so my day has been super chilled. I slept late, attended an editorial meeting and then took a walk home from town to Sea Point.

C4EDM: In the morning for breakfast do you prefer, Coffee and Toast or Cereal?

Sideshow:  Coffee is essential and I’m an oats girl if I’m eating breakfast at home

C4EDM: What has Sideshow been up to of late?

Sideshow:  I always manage to keep myself as busy as possible. Aside from playing club gigs, I recently launched an initiative called The New Slang – it’s a young producers remix competition. I’m constantly looking for new and exciting artists and music. I also spend a lot of time on social media and contribute content to various blogs and websites.

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C4EDM: Im going to put you on the spot, now! Can you name three tracks that you feel will most represent the overall sound that represents you.

Sideshow: This is easy!

DDM – Come Thru (Mighty Mark Remix)
Destiny’s Child – Bug-A-Boo (DJ Hoodboi Remix)
YG – Who Do You Love (DJ Cable Refix)

C4EDM: You’ve played a few gigs in Johannesburg, do you feel that each crowd is different at each gig you play.

Sideshow: What I find is that people remember me in Jozi, so even though I don’t play up there very often I always get great feedback when I return. And Jozi crowds are game for anything, super fun and give me a lot of freedom to express my style.

C4EDM: We believe that this is your first gig at GrietFest. What took so long for you to get booked by them lol? Clearly you’re pretty excited about playing there. What do you expect you might experience during your set?

Sideshow: You have to earn your way on to any line up, Grietfest is a pinnacle I’m stoked to have reached and I think the timing is perfect. I don’t expect anything, I’m going to dive in head first and see where the crowd wants me to take them.


C4EDM: Just a little heads up for those attending GrietFest, what can they expect from you? You have any tricks you in store for them?

Sideshow: Expect a lot of RnB edits! Other than that, just expect me to have all the fun and in return I need you to get your dance moves ready. I always have tricks, but there will be no spoilers today sir.

C4EDM: We are getting closer to the end of this interview. Do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star song. What do you notice about these two songs?

Sideshow: They have the same melody… and I haven’t sung either of them in about 10 years.

They’re both stuck in my head now, thanks.

C4EDM: Everyone’s got a hidden talent. What’s yours?

Sideshow: I’m Spiderman

C4EDM: Anything else you’d like to say? Shout outs?

Sideshow: I’m incredibly excited for Grietfest and I hope all you lovely humans come say hi to me. S/O to Clubbers4EDM for the interview.






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