Q & A with Tempo – Drum ‘N Bass

Q & A with Tempo – Drum ‘N Bass


June 19th, 2013


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We caught up with Tempo Drum ‘N Bass before their relaunch this Friday at The Assembly . We are really excited for this party and we know that the gentlemen are also very much excited. Below are a  few questions we asked the gentlemen, have a read and we hope to see you all there.

1. What can we expect for Friday night?

(DJ Tempo)

We anticipate a plethora of drums, a veritable treasure-trove of bass, and from time to time an irate red bull-fuelled Englishman screaming down a microphone.


 We have chosen our lineup carefully to represent what Tempo stands for and if you know anything about our awesome local Drum ‘n Bass scene in Cape Town one look at the lineup will give you an idea how epic it’s going to be!

(DJ A33)

Expect the unexpected!!! We are coming back with a bang not only in musical diversity within the Drum ‘n Bass genre but with the talent of all the DJ’s playing on Fri and the production that is going into the whole event!

2. Why is Tempo – Drum ‘N Bass located at The Assembly?


We really love what The Assembly are doing for the scene. There aren’t very many venues out there that are supporting musical movements / cultures on such an active level like they do and I think the ethos behind what they are doing is very similar to what we aspire to.

(DJ A33)

We have a good relationship with Assembly and this night together with Niskerone’s just fitted perfectly together especially for our resurgence. The venue also offers the two very individual spaces being the main floor and the annex. I think this will fit perfectly for the night’s diversity

3.  Tempo has a huge line up for the rebirth/reopen. Do you not think you have a raised the bar far too high for yourselves? 


 Yes it is a big lineup, but if you have ever been to one of our special events you will know that this lineup is nothing un-usual for us. We like to offer our scene the best possible opportunity to experience Drum ‘n Bass when we can.

4. Are you guys not worried about the competition you will have from the main stage?

(DJ Tempo)

Why would I be worried about younger, better looking guys playing phat tunes in a bigger room next door?

(DJ A33)

Not at all, there is so much musical diversity that I think it will be pretty hard not to satisfy everybody.

(MC Tan)

The idea was never to be in competition with them at all. It was to work together to put a good event on in both rooms.

5. There are four members of Tempo, who is (are) the original/first founder(s)? Why’d you guys start Tempo DnB? 

(DJ A33)

 The founding members are myself and TehSynes who have now joined forces with MC TAN and ironically DJ TEMPO both from the UK. I was booked to play an event one night and managed to take a fairly dead dance floor and turn it upside down! TehSynes had come to the event and after my set the manager sat with the two of us and chatted about our history in the scene and was very keen to have us start a night there so before anyone knew it Tempo was launched!


A33 and myself started Tempo after DJ A33 played at very successful Jungle event hosted by the legendary Dastort. We felt that the scene was ready for more Liquid and Jungle music and while you could get a taste of those genres at other events, we wanted to hear more! We also felt that there were so many up and coming artists in Cape Town and not enough events for them to play at. So part of our aim was to give some of them the opportunity to play to people, we have met some truly talented DJ’s and Producers since we started a year ago, people we consider now as a part of the Tempo family and we cannot wait to showcase them on a higher level in the future!

6. Will Tempo DnB be a weekly event or monthly event?

(MC Tan)

In my heart, mind and soul Tempo happens every day of the year.


Tempo is no longer a weekly event, we are busy working on plans to bring Tempo to you on a regular basis, right now we just wanted to remind everyone that we are still here and that we haven’t forgot about our followers.

7. Can we expect some Tempo sticker or T-shirts? 

(MC Tan)

No, but you can definitely have a free cd, depending of course on your ability to perform the one foot skank. Any rugged junglist can unleash the one foot skank at will. So I guess the question is … can you do the one foot skank?

TEMPO Drum 'n Bass

Line up times:

* 09:00 TehSynes *
* 10:30 B-Wise *
* 11:30 DJ A33 & MC Tan *
* 12:30 DJ Tempo & MC Tan *
* 01:30 George Daniel *
* 02:45 Hyphen *

Facebook Event: Click Here

9PM / R40 / R30 BEFORE 10pm


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