Q&A wit Mr Sakitumi – Sweet & Sour Vol 2

Q&A wit Mr Sakitumi – Sweet & Sour Vol 2


July 7th, 2014


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We meet up with Mr Sakitumi to have a little discussion about his new EP – Sweet & Sour. Check below what he had to say regards the EP, such a legit legend. Big Ups Mr S

1) In your own words describe Sweet & Sour Vol. 2?

It continues the series set up by sweet & sour vol.1. it has some electronic bangers contrasted with gentle, intimate piano / orchestral versions of those same tracks.

I  get to try something different away from my usual sound, so it’s quite freeing for me.

2) For this EP who or what was your influences?

obviously the theme of vol.1. 

  There is one track that was inspired by Nosinja (shangaan electro)., having met him, hearing his stories and seeing him perform at CTEMF 2013, it did spark an interest in drawing on elements from his sound for a track. This led to ‘space fortune cookie (sour)’ and clocks in at 180bpm! my fastest track to date;)

The track did develop in its’ own direction, but the starting point was inspired by him.
The ‘sweet’ tracks influenced by my love for cinematic music and composers like goldmund, max richter and olafur arnulds.
3) How did you go about choosing the over all sound for the production of the EP?

Different sounds influence how I play, so I just keep auditioning different instruments, synths etc. and start noodling. 

  when an idea catches i run with it. choosing your first sound influences your choice for the next and so on. 

  Sounds and musical ideas need to fit together like a puzzle in a track.

4) How many tracks will there be in the EP?

7 tracks overall, 3 ‘sour’ tracks , 3 ‘sweet’ tracks and 1 bonus track

5) Have you done any collaborations for this EP?

The grrrl and I collaborated on a song ‘mr & grrrl (sour) feat. the grrrl’ we had fun jamming around vocally and this track basically happened. proud to say, that the grrrl even kicks a verse!

6) What does it mean to you to be releasing this EP for Free?


I’m actually happy to share my music.

7) The internet has really played a large role in the ability of electronic dance music to grow so organically into this groundswell of fan support despite no support (until only very recently) from traditional media such as radio, TV and so on. What are your thoughts on the power of the Internet as the dominant music distribution force moving forward?

It’s opened doors for independent artists like me, to be have someone on the other side of the world listen to my tracks.  the internet is immediate, when i hit publish and post a link, those that like what i do can get my album in an instant (well, bandwidth speed permitted;)  on the flip side, there are thousands of artists releasing all the time online, so it does become an ocean to search through for good music.  that part thrives on word of mouth, social media to be more noticed, or the right timing with an influential blog. traditional media still has its strengths, as you hit masses of people who’ve never heard of you, or even be inclined to look for you.  but it is still a controlled environment. at least it’s not the only channel for getting your music heard.

8) When you visit our website,, what is your first impression?

haha, I see what you did there 😉  nice layout. cool to see sound cloud links.

Bounce question: In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, pink walls, a pink telephone and a pink shower. Everything was pink. What colour were the stairs?

 Where do the stairs go to in a one-story house?

Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?

 again, where do the stairs go to in a one-story house 😉

Shout out to all the people who help spread word about what the grrrl and I do, our PR (rachelle crous), all the interviewers, yourself included. 

Thanks for taking the time out and answering these few questions we truly appreciate it. 

 -thankutuyu mr elvistumi.


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