Q&A with Dan Palantsky


May 13th, 2014


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Clubbers is a Electronic Dance Music blog, but when we got given the chance to interview a BLUES – South African artist, we just couldn’t miss the opportunity. What a great honour it was to interview Dan Palantsky, we had to think differently to how we usually ask our questions but it was not that different… So take some time out and read what we asked Dan about his album, his National Tour and being named Headliner for an international event…

Dear Silence Thieves - Cover

1.     Who is Dan Palantsky the blues-based storyteller?

Not so much a story teller really. But a normal guy that got a lot of passion for Blues?Rock and a complete guitar nerd!

2.     What inspired the name of the new album: “Dear Silence Thieves”

While on tour with Everlast, one the first show 2 guys were talking while he was playing, and basically refused to play until the “Silence thieves” shut up. I thought that was very cool as Ive felt l;ike doing that a good few times myself.

3.     Would you tell us a bit about the content of your new album; what was the inspiration for the album?

First Great songs before anything else, all tunes come out of my Blues/rock love affair. I would a slightly modern take on my normal stuff . But still in line with what Ive always done. Its also the first fully original album I’ve ever released. Super chuffed with the way it came out.

4.     What makes this album different from your other albums?

I think this album is far more balanced than previous ones in the sense that I focused heavily on the writing before I even thought about guitar solos and such. I think its the strongest material yet. But saying that theres still plenty of guitar playing all over this record, after all its my passion. Just a modern Blues/Rock album

5.     Lets touch on some of your accolades.

Well last year had plenty in my opinion .2013 was a crazy busy year with lots of travel. We released our first acoustic album ever called Wooden Thoughts which was a great success . So needless to say lots of acoustic unplugged touring was done in SA. I headed to the UK in Sep with good friend of mine Nibs Van Der Spuy and we did some show together in London, which were fantastic. Nibs is such a great musician and human being. I also did some Irish dates will I was there. Later in 2013 I joined Everlast on the German leg of his tour as support act. This was awesome! What a live act Everlast is! After that my band joined me and we continued to tour the club scene doing the Horsen Blues fest in Denmark for the first time. As you know they have announced us as a headline act for this. And then last but not least we did the Springsteen support show at FNB stadium in Feb this year which was a life changing experience . Otherwise making Blues Rock Reviews annual top album list in 2012 was epic, 20 Stones made #10, and Wooden thought made #16 in 2013

DP - Credit Pierre van der Walt
6.     Wooden Thoughts  – solo acoustic performance – won the Golden Standard Bank Ovation award last year at Grahamstown, the only Gold award of the year.  A real accolade…  Would you please share with our readers …

Yes it was awesome to win that last year. It was the first time I had ever played a solo show on acoustic without the band. So that gave me a lot of confidence going forward with solo shows.

7.     You toured with Everlast in Germany Last year Oct/Nov what was the highlight of the tour for you?

Firstly listening to his awesome set every night, but probably finally getting to play with him on the last night of the tour in Munich.

8.     What kind of reception did you receive in Germany?

Wow it was great, and can only get better as we grow up there. Europian crowds seem to listen in a very different way, which I cant explain. But they are really epic to play for.

9.     We also saw you open for the Bruce Springsteen SA tour. That must have been amazing. Please relate the experience of playing on the same stage as the legend?

It was epic, nerve wrecking to start with but once we settled it was such a blast and an honor. Its always tough playing for a crowd that not there to see you, so winning them over for your 45min is the goal. It was also so cool that Bruce and Tom both watch the show from the side stage. That so cool of them to do.

10.  You have just been announced as the headliners for this year’s Horsens Festival in Denmark. What are you most looking forward to?

Well last year was a great vibe playing the smaller stage, great crowd response ! So headlining and doing the big stage this year promises to be even cooler if last year was anything to go by.

11.  May month sees the start of your National tour, which venues are you most looking forward to playing at?

Pretty much all of them for different reasons. Arcade Empire in Potch on the 8th(have-not played Potch for years and did the student vibe down there), Rivonia Barnyard JHB on the 9th( Awesome big venue, and a big crowd in always gets you playing right), Atterbury Theatre PTA 10th(this is a first for me playing this place but only heard awesome things), George Arts Theatre George on the 15th( Epic little place with big vibe), Cash Store PE on the 16&17(first time playing this venue but always love a PE crowd ), Potters Place J Bay on the 18th(Intimate venue with so much soul), Fugard Theatre CT on the 19th(First time here, but also only heard epic things about the space), Strab Fest in  Mozambique on the 24th (always epic), and Gateway Barnyard on the 26th in DBN( I lived in Durban for years so always a trip going back and playing for a great crowd)

12.  What could your fans and followers expect from you on your national tour?

I think we got the best set I’ve ever had for this tour. We will be playing all the new tunes from Dear Silence Thieves + a few cool other tunes that we’ve never played before. For me it needs to be a level 12 performance every night. Cant wait to get things rolling.

Interview by: Elvis Javu

Assistant interviewee: Francesca van Rooyen

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