Q&A with Melektro

Q&A with Melektro


August 13th, 2013


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So I, Elvis, caught up with Melektro for some Q & A’s. I must say this has been the most fun interview I’ve ever done. We spoke about breakfast, her music and gigs and we spoke about producer she would like to work with. This interview was done on Thursday 8th August 2013. Anyways read below and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Hi Melektro as you already know I am Elvis 50 % owner/co-founder of Clubbers 4 EDM. I have a few questions I would like to ask you regards you music career and your usual day-to-day routine? If you would be so kind to just answer these question as honestly as possible. 😀

Let’s not waste much time straight to the interview we go…

 Now what time did you get up this morning?

Noon.  Had a late set at Assembly last night, got home at 3am.  Good times though.

Your music background, did you study music/production and where? Mind telling us when?

I completed a Sound Engineering Diploma at CAE in 2010 followed by a short DJ Course at Soul Candi in 2011.  Next up Music Production at SAE.  I believe it’s important to understand every aspect of your craft.

When did you start dj’ing?

2011, but I had my first club gig in February 2012.  At a small club in Swakopmund, Namibia.  Will never forget that night.  So nervous I basically forgot everything but myself at home. 

Who are your influences?

Internationally I would say Far Too Loud, NERVO, Darth & Vader, F.O.O.L and Torro Torro.  Locally it has to be Blush N Bass, HAEZER, Blitzkrieg, Sideshow and The MicadE.


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Mielie Pap.

Past Gigs, where have you played?

The Assembly, The Side Show and the Ground Zero Festival earlier this year, which was an incredible experience.  Playing at Zula Bar on Saturday (10 Aug) for the first time.  Very excited about that one. 

Before a gig, what’s your routine like? What do you do to get into the zone?

I triple check every single thing in a very OCD-like manner before I leave my apartment and when I arrive at the club I like to stand in the middle of the dance floor to take it all in and get a good feel of the vibe. 

I understand that you are going to do a production course in September this year, at SAE (Quality). When you done with this course, any producers you would like to work with? Don’t be shy to supply a reason. 😀

HAEZER, Blitzkrieg and The MicadE.  Definitely my favourite local producers right now. 


What’s the story behind the alias Melektro?

I started out as DJ Milly.  But as my taste in music changed, I felt Milly was too weak.  My name combined with my favourite genre gives Melektro.  Don’t have to be a genius to figure that one out.

 When you drink tea do you have your pinky up or down?

Up.  Why would you want to hold it down?

What does your day to day consists of?

I sleep very late to avoid the morning as I am most definitely NOT a morning person.  I’m studying through UNISA so assignments and preparing for exams take up a lot of time, fortunately not this semester due to the Music Production course I’ll be doing from September.  Will be at home most of the time, not much to do during the day in Winter.  

What do you do on your spare time? This excludes music.

No it doesn’t .


Now for those that want to get hold of Melektro where could they?

 Via my Facebook page ( or just email me at

 Thank you for interview looking forward to jamming to your set 😀

Interview by Elvis 

Photos from the artist’s Fan Page

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