Q&A with Michael Lesar

Q&A with Michael Lesar


June 18th, 2013


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Hi Michael my name is Elvis Javu, I am a co-founder at Clubbers 4 EDM. I hope you do not mind me asking you a few little questions about your career and about your gig at Park Acoustics.


1. I understand you have played at Park Acoustics before. How has the experience been?

I love Park Acoustics its one of my favourate gigs the experience has been amazing right from the start wot an amazing crowd of peeps and a top class production aswel. Iv got so much Love 4 P-Town 🙂

2. What kind of pre gig routines or rituals do you have?

Jagermeister and Savanna works very well hehe I never plan any of my sets as I like to feel the crowd as I go along makes everything more fun.

3. You have had gigs over seas in place such as London, Mozambique and Koh Phangan Island Thailand (To name a few). What experience or skill would you say you learnt from playing abroad?

Its made me appreciate our scene in S.A and made me see that what we are doing at home is on par with whats happening around the world.The S.A music scene has grown into its own and you dont realise how much djs and artists abroad look up to us until you there – priceless!

4. How does your set for a club gig differ from a set for a festival gig?

It doesn’t differ that much depends on the brief from the promoter. I love what I do so always excited to play weather its 50 peeps or a few thousand

5. What would you say is the secret to being a successful DJ/Producer?

The main ingredient is love what you do and the rest will follow

6. What could the crowd expecting from you at Park Acoustics?

Its gona be a Swing set thats all I can say I never play the same set twice and will always have a few tricks up my sleeve you never know what is gona happen next haha


7. What are your thought on EDM/Dance music in South Africa? Where in the world would you say we stand?

We are right on top with the best in the world with alot of labels / producers looking to us for inspiration.

8. Besides festivals where could your fans come and support you? Gig?

I do alot of club gigs aswel as im also play House music aswel as ‘ Audio Villain ‘ myself and Tiny t my gig guides are always on my artist page on facebook like my page while you there haha otherwise you can usually catch me at the exiting new venue in Selby Jhb called MiHouse.

9. Tyte Prodyctions, is your label, could you please tell us a little more about it?

I started Tyte Productions in Ct about 13 years ago with a with a House party called DeepHeet Parteez which ran for 10 years straight since then iv hosted Swing, RnB, Hiphop ,Drum&bass, dubstep disco, techno and also hosted top international acts under the banner of Tyte productions

10. Is there anything you would like to share with us and your fans?

Yes the Lets Swing It brand is turning 1 on the 13th July in Jhb very exited gona be a great production def sumthing not to be missed also i would like to say thankyou and much love to everybody for all the love and support

Michael L

Interview by: Elvis Javu (@Number1Native)

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