Q&A with MonArk

Q&A with MonArk


July 17th, 2014


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We once again stepped out of our comfort zone to interview MonArk, to expend our knowledge for music and hopefully bring you guys something new. Who know you may become the new MonArk number one fan after reading this interview and listening to their tracks. So with no further ado we give you MonArk on Clubbers 4 EDM.

MonArk 3 - Waldo Pretorius

MonArk 3 - Waldo Pretorius

C4EDM:  Where does the name MonArk originate from?
We first thought of the name “monarcade,” but then shortened it to Monark. It kind of falls better on the ear. We recognise the theme of kingdoms and rulers even in our present context. Every person is a ruler in his/her own little kingdom and we encourage the responsible use of that authority and influence each of us has over other people’s lives.
C4EDM: What and who is MonArk?
We are people who, most naturally, connect with others through music.
C4EDM: Tell us about your 3rd Single you released in May?
It was a very important single for us, since it would be the song that gives context. It is really hard to properly portray the band through two songs only. This third one hopefully demonstrates our flexibility in terms of songwriting and anticipates the fact that the songs to come will each be unique.
C4EDM: As newcomers to the music scene last year could you share a bit about the journey from where you started to where you are now?

The SA music industry is a tough place to be. There are many pre perceptions of what a band should look and act like. The hardest part for us was to break through those perceptions and make it all about the music, as it should be. For that reason, we are so grateful to all the incredible people at the major and minor radio stations for doing just that. The success we had on the radio has created a platform where the listeners can decide for themselves what they want to hear and we are humbled by the fact that they chose us.

10464184_632620413501434_8077267993773615183_nMonArk 3MonArk 3 - Waldo Pretorius
C4EDM: You currently busy with your debut album how is that progressing?
We are actually finished and so exited about the final product. We hope that our fans will feel what we felt when we created it and, for the duration of each song, look at life through our eyes.
C4EDM: Could you tell our readers something they don’t already know about MonArk?

We all believe in some form of “banting” 🙂 and we rarely agree with one another.

C4EDM: Any future plans for a SA tour?
We are planning an SA tour in August and cannot wait to meet our fans at their hometowns.
Where can our readers go to see you play?




Any pearls of wisdom for up and coming young bands?
Work on that chorus! Work harder than anybody you know! Work on a great story for your grandchildren one day!

That about concludes this interview, thank you very much for your time. We at Clubbers 4 EDM would like to wish you best of luck for your music career.

Interview by:
Elvis Javu


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