Q&A with Mudblud

Q&A with Mudblud


August 28th, 2014


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Hi The Mudblud my name is Elvis and I am a co-founder of Clubbers 4 EDM; a music blog from South Africa. We were given the opportunity to interview you ahead of your Grietfest Gig. We appreciate the time you have taken to read through these questions and answering them.

C4EDM: For all the readers out there who may not be familiar with you, tell us a bit about Mudblud & how this all started.

Mudblud: I first got into dance music when I first discovered Untamed Youth. From about 2010 I became a regular and started scouring the internet for the songs I heard there. Those early years at Untamed Youth really shaped my musical preferences and I think you can hear that in my sets today. By 2011 I had built up a pretty impressive collection and decided to try my hand at DJ’ing with encouragement from Thomas de Moyencourt and Philip Kramer, known as Tommy Gun and Battle Beyond the Stars respectively. Phil agreed to give me some lessons and I only started DJing in May 2012. I really dislike how most DJs choose such intense/angry/Sci-Fi/unintentionally stupid names so the name Mudblud appealed because as a Harry Potter reference its intentionally stupid and laid back.

C4EDM: Influences, we all have someone or something that influences us to do something or achieve something. Who or what would you say is your biggest influence? What roll does your influence play?

Mudblud: I’d say initially it was UY regulars Dario Leite, Terrence Pearce (formerly Lapse), Haasbroek, VGA, Tommy Gun & Battle Beyond the stars. Now that I’ve been playing more regularly I think I’m influenced by a lot more artists.

C4EDM: Emma Watson… Do we have to ask more haha. Tell us about this relationship, when did it all start?

Mudblud: I had no idea (perhaps naively) that Emma Watson would become such a big part of my DJ persona! I think this celeb crush is partly a result of myself being the same age as her and ’growing up’ alongside the movies? Maybe its because I feel Ron Weasley didn’t deserve Hermione.. I’m not really sure to be honest! I do know she makes damn good Mixtape cover art though!

C4EDM: What are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

1. Panama – Always (Classixx Remix)
2. Chromeo – Jealous (I ain’t with it)
3. Caribou – Can’t do without you
4. Olympic Ayres – Control
5. Jungle – Time

C4EDM: Do you have a dream as a Dj?

Mudblud: If I understand the question correctly then no. I didn’t ever dream of becoming a DJ. DJ’ing kind of happened to me. I studied Civil Engineering at UCT and this DJ’ing business has hijacked things quite a bit. It’s been one hell of a ride.

C4EDM: Just a little heads up for those attending GrietFest, what can they expect from you? You have any tricks you got stored for them?
Mudblud: I’ve been messing with the idea of producing for ages and recently I started collecting a number of remix stems. While Grietfest attendees shouldn’t be expecting my first production they can expect a mashup or two and definitely a few edits! Regarding the genre its 100% representative Untamed Youth with Indie Dance, Disco, and a touch of House!

C4EDM: What are you thoughts on the GrietFest Line Up? Which of the artist would you suggest to party goers to come see apart from yourself?
Mudblud: With a lineup that big its really hard to pick out any one… I’d say apart from the internationals & the usual suspects (Niskerone, Das Kapital, etc) the Untamed Youth stage is looking pretty big! Nubuck making a DJ comeback, my main man Tommy Gun.. everyone really!

C4EDM: Bounce question: In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, pink walls, a pink telephone and a pink shower. Everything was pink. What colour were the stairs?

Mudblud: Its one-story.. there are no stairs?

C4EDM: Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?

Mudblud: Lookout for my August monthly mixtape (I’m releasing it on Monday the 18th) & S/O to Beyonce!

Thanks for taking the time out and answering these few questions we truly appreciate it.



TWITTER: Mudblud


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