Q&A with PH.FAT

Q&A with PH.FAT


July 22nd, 2013


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Last week we got together with Mike Zietsman from PH.FAT for an interview ahead of their new album release entitled
‘Happiness Machines’.

We talk about the album , ice-cream, rap music & the future for PH.FAT.

1. Tell us something that no one knows about ph.fat

“We all secretly quite shy. So don’t be offended if we don’t look friendly when you see us. We’re actually just scared of people.”

2. Please share your views on the rap music culture in SA.

“Whoa! I could quite easily answer that with an essay. Uhm. It’s very similar to SA’s rock music culture in that it varies a great amount from scene to scene. We just kind of do what we enjoy to be honest.”

3. Who would be your dream as a group to collaborate with?

“MF Doom, Kool Keith, Dan the Automator, Earl Sweatshirt, Flying Lotus and Yoni Wolf. And M.Sayyid. and Beach House. and also James Blake. There are also some other people. “

4. How do you see rap music evolving in the next year or two? Is there something out there poised to steal the spotlight from the trap sound?

“Uhm. Is trap STILL in the spotlight? That’s really strange. To be honest I haven’t looked at where the spotlight is for a while cos’ we’ve been locked in the studio trying to finish the album. Also, I find if you focus on the spotlight you’re already like three steps behind. I think the coolest thing you can do is focus on what legitimately interests you. I see Rap Music evolving from where it always has evolved. From dudes slaving away making cool unexpected shit in their bedrooms and garages.”

5. The internet has really played a large role in the ability of your music to grow. Although you are giving the album out for free and have limited hard copies for sale. What are your thoughts on the power of the Internet as the dominant music distribution force moving forward?

“I think anyone who ignores the power of the internet for distribution of digital data is a silly billy. It is a mad noisy distro channel but as you work within it more you start to understand stuff better. (Particularly if you have a cool dude like Matt Visser helping you stay on top of this sort of thing. Matt helps us not fuckup or miss oppurtunities online. That’s a lie. He actually invents oppurtunities.
he’s an amazing dude)”

6. What was the most difficult part of putting the album together, seeing as you have independently released a lot of music instead of joining forces with a record label?

“The thing that I think people struggle with most when doing stuff independently is the workload and job juggling and taking on the risks associated with backing yourselves. Luckily we have a really amazing team working with us. Our Manager, Brendan, Looks after us incredibly and makes sure that none of us ever cracks. And puts out the fires set by us ignoring reality for the two or three months that we are in the studio finishing up the album. And also makes sure that our heads stay above water. He really is the best.”

7. After 2 digital releases and the new album that is coming out, what’s next for Ph.Fat.
any hopes of taking your shows international?

“Ja, Going overseas is our main goal.”

8. Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?

“Hello everyone. On the 22nd of July please go download our album for free from our website also if you are a creative who makes things – please do yourself a favour and check out the creative commons licenses. They are amazing.”

Interview by: Ben McCabe | @callmeben0

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